Template:InfoboxYukari is a legendary and most strongest youkai in Super Mario:Darkened Kingdom. His archenemy, Hawth Bowserth. tries to fight this monster and failed to send Hawth to the hell, and created a clan with Yuyuko Saigouiji joins the party to defeat Hawth. Unlike Samantha, Samantha is a girl demon of destruction but Yukari stronger than Samantha.

Appearence Edit

Yukari is a youkai but appearence's animation is causing a blood red explosion, this explosion's aftermath is pentagram appears and flashes. and Yukari appears.

Personality Edit

Yukari wears a girl clothes, and cuirass, brown shoes, have gold yellow hair. white girl. Yukari hates Hawth, loves living Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach Toadstool. guards against Bowser and Hawth Bowserth's attacks.

Skills Edit

Nuclear Explosion Edit

Yukari can use this nuclear bomb skill at against Hawth Bowserth.

Death Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Edit

Yukari protects this kingdom and killing an Bowser's army.

Heavy Bombardment Edit

Yukari can bormardment another villian kingdoms. (such as Bowser's Kingdom)

Trivia Edit

  1. Yukari Yakumo is a character in Touhou.
  2. It is his archenemy is Hawth Bowserth.

Music Edit



Yukari's theme