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Yoshi and Tails is the first game in the Yoshi and Tails series. It was created by P&F Games Inc. for the Wii. Ever since their friendship formed in Yoshi's Island: Challenge, they've decided to team up to stop Kamek's plans for wiping out the Mushroom Kingdom.


Sometime after the events of Yoshi's Island: Challenge, Yoshi and Tails spot Kamek. Kamek has a blueprint in his hand. Kamek was planning to wipe out the Mushroom Kingdom! With a group of Toads on a mission trip in Korea, it was up to Yoshi and Tails to stop Kamek's plan.


There are no major power-ups, but there is only Yoshi's three SMG2 power-ups.

  • Blimp Fruit
  • Bulb Berry
  • Dash Pepper