Yoshi 3D is the first Yoshi Game in 3D. Baby Bowser is stolen the Happy Three again.


The gameplay is similar to the Mario 3D Games. Yoshi has 6 missions in each world. To complete a mission, touch the Yoshi-Coin.


-The Beach

-Beach Time!
-Seagull Beach
-Under the Sea
-Entrance to the Jungle
-Giant Seagull

-The Jungle

-Jungle Fiver
-Spear Guy Village
-Neuron Forest
-Jungle of Big Blurb
-Jungle Hut
-Big Blurb and Big Slurb

-The Darkside

-King Boo's Mansion
-Dark Way
-Baby Bowser's Castle
-Baby Bowser


-Yoshi (In All Colors)

-Baby Bowser



-Shy Guy


-Fly Guy




-Spear Guy



-Block Boo


-Shy Reaper


-Pyro Guy

-Big Blurb (Alone)

-Big Slurb (Alone)

-King Boo



-Giant Seagull

-Big Blurb & Big Slurb

-Baby Bowser

-Giant Bowser

Items and ObjectsEdit

-Yoshi-Coin: This is the Goal of a Mission.

-Heart Coin: Heals a peaces of the Energy and you can buy any things in the Yoshi Shop.

-Yoshi Eggs: You can throw Eggs on Enemies.

-Egg Block: You got Eggs, You can carry up to six eggs.

-Info Block: He gives you useful information.

-Watermelon: You can spit watermelon seeds.

-Firemelon: You can spit fire.

-Icemelon: You can spit ice.

Yoshis Moves (Controlls)Edit

Play with the Wii Rimote and the Nunchuk.

Controllstick: Move

A: Jump

AA: Floating

B: tongue

Control Pad: Moving Camera

Z: Ground Pound

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