Yerrickopia is a “earthquaked” planet of floating continents surrounding the sun-like core

Government And PoliticsEdit

the metropolis is a Stratocracy Dictatorship, but being ruled by a baron, most of politics were representative democratic making President Igor Kaliso a high official ruler, his cohort, Obadiah Fenix is Igor's right-hand man and weapons research specialist stood besides of his boss.


the planet was most likely cleansed by the satellite beam, the city's continents is divided into “divisions”: Tower city, commercial district, industrial district, farming cooperative, educational district, resort section, and Mauler citadel.


the city is a melting pot full of bipedal/quadrupedal insectoid/reptilian Theropods, most of them are law enforcers patroling each divisions and priests/monk-like commanding officers, serves as palace guards as well.

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