Whomp World is a game where you play as Whomp and try to destroy the good guys, such as Mario, Peach, DK, and Yoshi. This is a part of the HungryYoshi Games, Inc.


Since this is for the Nintendo DS, you can use the microphone to make Whomp fall. There are other unique moves Whomp can do such as the Whomp Wham.


Whomp was walking through Bowser Castle, when suddenly, Mario and Yoshi break in and save Peach. Both Bowser and Whomp are angry. So Bowser sends Whomp undercover to smoosh his long time rivals. Whomp agrees and heads out.


Since Whomp is a bad guy, the villians are good guys.

  • World 1- Peach
  • World 2- Luigi
  • World 3- Donkey Kong
  • World 4- Yoshi
  • World 5- Wario
  • World 6- Toad
  • World 7- Birdo
  • World 8- Dixie Kong
  • World 9- Mario


This is only for the Nintendo DS. This will be relased as well in a deluxe version for the Xbox 360.

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