Wendy O Koopa

Wendy from Super Pauline: When her Adventure Begins. . .

Princess Wendy Olive Von Koopa
 is Bowser's only daughter (Till Laura Koopa the Draconian Humanoid was born in Super Smash Bros: Beyond) and a heat tempered Princess of Dark Land since her first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES as a child. Though since it was told later in the 21st century that those Koopalings aren't biologically Bowse's offspringr, it's revealed in the Super Smash Bros.: Beyond series that they were actually orphans that are adopted by both Claudia and Bowser. And Wendy is the only Koopaling who knows of her mother, despite other Koopalings and Bowser Jr. not remembering their mother. So Claudia was unknown to them. She even met her mother Claudia for the first time in Pokeball Federation when she was 16 (in Koopa Years)


  • Wand (stolen from the king of Water Land)
  • Gadget Gauntlets (stolen from Dr. E. Lectrode)
  • Micro Bill Rifle
  • Putrid Piranha Knife


  • Shell Drill
  • Tail attack
  • Magic Blast
  • Fiery Breath
  • Candy Ring Lasers
  • Micro Bill Blast
  • Putrid slash
  • Grapple Punch
  • Grapple Cliffhang

Appearences Edit

Luigi and the Water of Doom: the Great Ocean Adventure! Edit

Wendy appears in this game as a final boss.

Super Mario Moose Edit

Wendy has been confirmed to appear in Super Mario Moose as a boss. It is unknown which world she will be a boss of as of now.

Media Appearences Edit

A Koopaling Life Edit

Wendy was going to appear in the cancelled show A Koopaling Life as a main character.


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