Weegee is a photoshop meme based on the avatar of Luigi found in the DOS version of the educational video game
Mario Is Missing! Placing Weegee in an image creates awkward situations and a sense of discomfort. He is also often a subject of facebombs, as his stare will turn anyone into a replica of himself.


Weegee is based on a playable character in the DOS game Mario is Missing[1],

His Original Appearance.

released by Software Toolworks in 1992. It was the only game to feature Luigi as a starring character until 2001’s Luigi’s Mansion. A version of this original game is currently available to play on Nintendo8.[2]

The character’s awkward posture and unwavering stare was first pointed out by a user named MonkeyInCloset on LUElinks forums, now known as End of the Internet[3], on August 11th, 2007. He also posted a vectorized version that would eventually become the exploitable that day.