Water Mushroom
Water Mushroom
A Blue Mushroom with tear-shaped spots
  • First Appearance:
Super Mario Adventure
  • Effect on the Player
Turns Mario into Water Mario.

The Water Mushroom is a type of mushroom and a power up appearing in Super Mario Adventure. It turns Mario into Water Mario. It is a deep blue mushroom with light blue, tear-shaped spots (the image to the right is from an old beta). Water Mario is translucent and has a water-like appearance, similar to a liquid version of Ice Mario.


In addition to better swimming abilities, Water Mario has similar abilities to FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine, and can shoot out of jets of water using the B button. Unlike FLUDD, Water Mario needs to have a constant supply of water to have full access to this power, but Water Mario is capable of drawing water from clouds. Outside of access to water, Water Mario can temporarily turn into a puddle of water by shaking the Wiimote, which can allow him to pass under some objects, avoid enemies and pass through certain types of ground. If Water Mario takes damage or is exposed to a particularly hot area, he will revert to his original form.

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