Warp Corp: Into the Labyrinth! is a game by British Media: Fanon playable on the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii. It stars Cody Tran.


A rival Warp Pipe company has recently been founded, boasting a special surprise for all passengers. While competition for the Warp Pipe Corporation, it's regarded as little more than a healthy competitor by Warp Pipe Corporation President, Cody Tran. However, when several important political figures go missing after entering the Warp Pipes from the new company, Cody Tran gets suspicious and decides to check it out.

Upon entering a nearby pipe, Cody finds it leads to a twisted maze filled with feral creatures and Boos. After fighting his way through several such mazes, each with its own gimmick, Cody finds the important figures are all being held hostage by King Boo, in his latest attempt to take over Mushroom World.


This game is a third person puzzle platformer. Each level is a complex maze filled with enemies. At the end of each level is a large door leading to the boss. In order to open the door, a logic puzzle must be solved.

After each boss battle is a minigame where Cody must turn pipes in order to get a power-up or weapon to help him in the next level.

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