Warp Corp: Double Team! is a game by British Media: Fanon playable on the Nintendo DS and the Wii.


The Warp Pipe System has been plagued by an infestation of Piranha Plants, and it's gotten out of hand. Cody Tran, president of the Warp Pipe Corporation, would normally be the first to take care of this situation, but due to a recent Kidnap of the Toadstool Diamonds, the job falls to four young adventurers; Richard, Bella, Prabhu, and Gaduche, who had volunteered for the day. From the main hub, the four split into two groups and make their way through the Warp Pipe System to find the root of the infestation.

After making there way through the system, it is revealed that the infestation is caused by a bratty Nipper Plant who claims to be the king of all Piranha Plants. He wishes to take over the Mushroom World. His plan seems to involve monopolizing transport, then unleashing hordes of minions on all countries at once.


The player takes control of one out of two teams. The primary member is the only one that can lift enemies, manipulate pipe controls, and recieve Power-Ups. The secondary member is the only one who can fit into smaller pipes, and each has there own unique ability.

Team 1Edit

Prabhu Koopa and Gaduche Bob-Omb: Prabhu and Gaduche are being forced to do community service as part of a court sentence. Prabhu can fly short distances and retreat into his shell, which protects him from most enemies, but stops his movement. Gaduche can create small explosions which damage nearby enemies and can destroy certain obstacles. Team 1 levels tend to focus on fighting and destroying your way through. Even after recieving a power-up, Prabhu will still lose a life after a single hit.

Team 2Edit

Richard Toadmeyer and Bella Goomba: Richard and Bella decided to do volunteer work out of the kindness of their hearts. When Richard is hit, he loses whatever power-up he had, but keeps his current life. He can toss Bella up to platforms he can't reach, and she can pull him up with her pigtails. Team 2 levels are full of puzzles and focus on thinking one's way through.


Power-ups include the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, and the Golden Hammer.


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