Wario Land 5

#if: Modes

Wario Land 5 is the fifth installment of the Wario Land series. This game has returning enemies from Wario Land 4, and transformations(two new ones are included). This series was almost forgotten due to the long disappearance for 12 years.It is for the Nintendo Switch 3D.


Wario has found another sighting for treasure. This time, it is inside a jungle. Not just any jungle, a jungle with a city of desserts, factories and fantasies. Wario hops on his Wario Car in search for another, crazy and insane adventure.


It is somehow the same gameplay like Wario Land 4 except that now Wario is invincible like Wario Land 1,2 and 3. And it has no frog switch. Wario can duck. This game also has Player 2 mode in which, Waluigi can be a 2nd player to Wario. Waluigi has a new power-up to jump higher than Wario to places where he can't reach. The route to the higher places also have been changed (eg. In Boiling Point, the place where Wario had to swim through a pot full of boiling water without scalding himself to reach the Puzzle Peice was removed and was replaced by the pot's lid closed and the puzzle piece is now replaced on the top of the pot.). The levels are a-bit longer as well (eg. In Desert Dessert, instead of the level ending by climbing up the pyramid wall, the ending of the level is replaced by the last Dessert section.). There is a new mode called, Boss Rush, in which you had to fight the bosses again, under a certain time. Bronze is the longest, Silver is the time before 1 hour, Gold is the fastest.


This game may have different controls.

  • > or <:Move
  • A:Jump, Select Level
  • B:Duck, Throw
  • Cursor: Ready to throw


Sample Name Description Special Power-Up
Wario Wario is the greediest character you have ever seen. He will take your valuables, when ever he wants to. He craves for garlic too! Transformation-Even the littlest things enemies do, he will transform(etc. Puffy Wario, Bat Wario.)
Sample Name Description Special Power-Up
Waluigi Artwork - Mario Party 6
Waluigi Waluigi is the brother of Wario!. Sometimes, like brothers they argue. Bounce Jump-His jump will be 3x higher than Wario who can't too places that are higher than him.


Enemies from Wario Land 4.

Sample Name Description Special Power-Up
Spoonette Spoonette is the gazing beauty of Food Land. The Transformation-Even the littlest things enemies do, he will transform(etc. Puffy Wario, Bat Wario.)