Wario Kart: First From The Start! is a game for the Wii. It has Nintendo Wi-Fi and a special Wi-Fi mode.

Characters Edit

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Edit

In the game there is a good use for fun around the world. You may race on Wi-Fi and Battle, but this time a new addition, Business mode. You may work as a team at Wario Ware Inc. Or solo.

Tracks Edit

Pizza CupEdit

  • Food Court
  • Kat And Ana Care (Kat & Ana's circuit)
  • Mona Pizza (Mona's circuit)
  • Yoshi Cucumber Kart Works (Yoshi's circuit)

Corination CupEdit

  • Wario Ware Inc. (Wario's circuit)
  • Raceway Restricted For Royalty (The princesses's circuit)
  • Youth Days
  • Luma Planet (Baby Polari's circuit)

Rose CupEdit

  • Romance Way
  • Waluigi Circuit (Waluigi's circuit)
  • WW
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Toadette's and Toadsworth's circuit)

Plumber CupEdit

  • Kat & Ana Country (Kat & Ana's other circuit)
  • Penny Park (Penny's circuit)
  • Bowser Castle (Goomba's, Koopa Troopa's, King Goomba's (kind of), and Bowser's circuit)
  • Rainbow/Rosalina Road (Rosalina's other circuit)

Special Items Edit

  • Pizza-(Slips up a racer, when thrown,) (Mona)
  • Wario Bomb-(Locks onto a racer holding them still until the next racer takes over them,) (Wario)
  • Rose-(Makes a racer leap over another,) (Ashely)
  • Cat-(Like a spiny shell,) (Kat and Ana)

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