Waluigi in Mario Party 8.
Born 1980
Los Angeles
Known for Cheating
Height Over 5 feet
Partner Wario
Parents Wageorge & Welody
Relatives Wario (best friend)

Waluigi is Luigi's rival in a similar way Wario is Mario's antagonist. He wears a similar outfit like them, except that his hat emblem is an inverted 'L'. He's also very tall and has long legs and arms.


When he was a baby, he was born to Wageorge and Welody. Waluigi, abandoned at birth and delivered to Wageorge's widowed sister Walouise Wario (Who's Husband, Warco, died during war against the Koopa Kingdom) and her baby son Wario, who was the same age as Waluigi. He and Wario aren't biologically brothers but the reason why the Name "Wario Bros". is because it's a team made up by Wario for the team of Partners in crime.


Mario All-Star Sluggers Edit

Waluigi appears in Mario All-Star Sluggers as a team captain. When chosen, his team is called the Waluigi Spitballs. His stats are:

Stat Ranking
Batting 6/10
Pitching 7/10
Catching 4/10
Running 4/10

His All-Star Moves are:

Move Ability Type Description
Bomb Ball Batting Waluigi replaces the ball with a bomb and hits it. When it hits the ground it explodes, knocking back outfielders.
Liar Ball Pitching Waluigi creates a giant ball and tosses it at the batter. When the ball is almost to the plate, it disappears and reveals the real ball.
Claw Grab Catching Waluigi activates his grabber arm and reaches for the ball.

Mushroom War Edit

Waluigi is one of the various villains featured as recurring bosses in the online game, Mushroom War.

Super Mario Smash Edit

Waluigi appears as the only newcomer in Super Mario Smash.

= Mario Smashers Edit

Waluigi is a playable fighter in Mario Smashers.

Input Name Effect
Standard Special Waluigi Cyclone Waluigi spins in circles multiple times and pulls opponents in. It does a lot of damage but lasts for 3 seconds.
Side Special Power Serve Waluigi throws a ball upwards and hits it with a racket. You can kind of aim and also do a short charge.
Down Special Drill Spin Waluigi will jump in the air, spin constantly and slam down, if Waluigi is in the air, he will just spin and slam. This move is similar Bowser's Down Special from from Smash 4.
Up Special Quadrouple Flip Waluigi will flip four times in the air, resulting in a small air boost.
Final Smash Waluigi Pinball Waluigi leaps into the air and the whole stage turns into a pinball course with a ball with Waluigi's signature backwards L on it. The bumpers are controlled with E and F. It lasts for 8 seconds, as it is very powerful.

Media Appearences Edit

Waluigi Jumps into a Volcano Edit

Waluigi appears in the short film Waluigi Jumps into a Volcano as the main character.

Warioz Amazing Adventures Edit

Waluigi appears in Warioz Amazing Adventures as the deutragonist. He follows Wario in a lot of his adventures. He is introduced to the viewer in Wario's Welcome. He helps Wario try to steal a taco in Taco Quest. In Super Chef Cook-Off, Waluigi teams up with his brother to win the cook-off. Waluigi also appears in Wario vs. Boom Boom, helping Wario train for the match.