Volt Mushroom
Volt Mushroom
A dark cloud-like mushroom with lightning bolts
  • First Appearance:
Super Mario Adventure
  • Effect on the Player
Turns Mario into Electro Mario.

The Volt Mushroom is a type of mushroom and a power up appearing in Super Mario Adventure. It turns Mario into Electro Mario. It is a dark grey mushroom which slightly resembles a storm cloud and is decorated with lightning bolts. The mushroom has a electric field around it. It is one of the least used power-ups in the game, and one of the latest ones introduced. While it first appears briefly in Floaty Bunker, it isn't prominently used until Continental Circus


Electro Mario can generate a field of electricity that can kill enemies or charge electrical devices by shaking the Wiimote. Mario can shoot a more directed beam of electricity with the B button, which can target more distant devices or enemies. Mario will revert to his normal form if he touches water or takes damage. Mario can also turn into data and be sent along power cables.

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