Virtual Toad Town is a role-playing/adventure game developed by YSI Games for Windows. The game features Mario, Luigi, as well as a host of new characters. The game primarily focuses on collecting coins and stopping Bowser's troops, because of this, there is no definite end or start for the game. The game can also be played online, where each player takes control of a Toad as they walk around Toad Town. It has received mixed reviews, and in 2011, a sequal to the game, Virtual Toad Town 2, has been released for the Nintendo 3DS.

Design and DevelopmentEdit

Virtual Toad Town was first announced at E3 2006. It was then shown to be different in gameplay as it is now. According to developer James Robertson, the game was originally developed to be a role-playing game, complete with battles and action gameplay, although that was later removed, in order to enhance the exploration of Toad Town. The game was re-shown at E3 2008, with its near-finished gameplay and also people at the show could take control of Mario in a 'test' level.


The game was received mixed to negative reviews. IGN claimed that the game did not show Mario's trademark gameplay and jumping, and also added that it does not "feel exciting" when played. GameSpot was a bit more harsh, calling lack of plot or storyline 'utter nonsense'.

Despite this, Virtual Toad Town sold well, obtaining some 1.26 million sales worldwide.

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