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  • Super Skywalker

    Map Maker Tool

    July 23, 2015 by Super Skywalker

    For all of you out there interested in creating distant and fantastic lands, countries, regions, terrain, levels, or entire worlds, here is a tool that you can use to create maps:

    It's simple to use and you can master it pretty quickly. Now you can visually share your ideas with anyone. An example is included here as well. Have fun.

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  • Super Skywalker

    British Media: Fanon has been creating quality articles since 2009. We've focused on Mario and Star Wars Fanon and have have been contributing to the wiki community for over 4 years. Here are a few more articles you can expect on Super Mario Fanon:

    • Xiphis
    • Darenti Ferr
    • Elius
    • Ellie Elion
    • Tamarento
    • Flanité
    • Monoda
    • Thermosphere Authority
    • Centurylands *
    • Underworld Alliance
    • Mushroom World *
    • More content on Mushroom World War III
    • Heñia *
    • Timphonia *
    • Badlands
    • Camp Jesper
    • Qux Badlands *
    • Untied States (untied not united)
    • United Republic *
    • Trellitore Glade
    • Hugo Fierce

    The articles with the asterisks signify a special offer for you! If you want to create any of the articles with asterisks and put your ideas and fanon into one of them, you are welcome to do so! All the artic…

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  • Super Skywalker

    There are a couple of ideas about a few Countries that I created that some people are expanding on. I feel that if they are going to expand on my ideas, they should it properly and accurately. Therefore I would like to explain the History of these Nation in detail to be based off of in Super Mario Fanon's Articles. If you are not one of these people who are writing about the Nations of the Mushroom World, then you don't have to continue reading.

    1. First of all to understand the History, you must understand Mushroom World War I. Before this War, the Mushroom World was split between two very unorganized, unintelligent, prehistoric nations: The Koopas who wanted an Authoritarian Government and the Mushrooms who wanted a Democracy or a Republic. …
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  • Super Skywalker

    A small Favor

    September 29, 2012 by Super Skywalker

    I want to do you a favor. I would like to take any one of your pages and, with your permission and original ideas, put a lot of context and information into it just for fun. This will make your page larger and better to read. I've already done this twice a long time ago with the Rosalina-X and Metal Princess Peach pages. Please leave a comment for any page you might want me to improve for you.

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  • Super Skywalker

    Asian Media: Fanon

    September 16, 2010 by Super Skywalker

    Asian Media: Fanon is currently the Biggest Fanon Company on Super Mario Fanon. Our Current Workers are Super Skywalker and Manik Needlemouse. Anyone can join with the CEO's permission. We are preparing to make Many more articles. Some may include:

    • Super Cody Adventure
    • Alexis Tran
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