I don't know how to start my own introduction, but I'll try my best.

I'm Koopa Troop Reject. You can call me AKTR (you can also pronounce it as "actor") or Reject. I have a habit of self-deprecation (which explains my username) just so I can stay low-profile or, at least, not letting my ego get the better of me.

I first discovered this Fanon Wiki from a random Google search when I was bored. For some reason, I'm intrigued by this Wiki. Sure, Sturgeon's Law of 90% of anything is garbage is in full effect in Fanon Wikis in general, but I can't help but wanting to contribute something to the world of fanworks. I had some past experiences with fanworks, some Mario-related, and might even have some ideas of Mario fanwork things, so I told myself, "Why not?" and decided to take a dive into this Wiki.

In my past experiences with other Wikis, most of things I did involve:

  1. Page editing (obviously), as in grammar fixing and format fixing, especially when it comes to infoboxes. I hope you don't mind me touching some of your pages just to make it fixed. Though I won't do anything to pages that clearly forbids anyone else but the original creator editing (usually told via some kind of template or notice).
  2. Fanwork research is another thing, though I tend to be really picky on deciding whose fanwork to have a page in a Wiki, so expect all articles regarding my fanwork research to be something that its creator won't mind being published in Wikis (the living proof being that said "something" already had articles/discussions outside the creator's original realm but the creator doesn't mind it).
  3. Graphic design. I like drawing, even though my drawing skill is severely limited to vector when it comes to digital drawing (traditional I almost have no problem, though I can't color traditionally without messing up and my artstyle is ranges from stiff to slightly cartoony to "artstyle copycat"). At my laziest, I could just end up tracing over original artwork and alter it to fit the context (I really hate saying this, but I can't lie). For this part, I would be happy to provide some usable graphics like for backgrounds, Wiki wordmark, or others, provided I have the time.
  4. Original (actually simply fan-made) creation. This is something that I seldom do nowadays. Sometimes I can see my idea work on a fan character or fan game, but sometimes I think it's preferrable to keep said idea for something completely original, since I'm planning to be a story writer or a game dev or both (if possible).

That's all you need to know about me. I'll try my best to contribute some of my findings to this Wiki.

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