Template:InfoboxUltima Hawth Bowserth (known as God Eater, Galaxy Destroyer, Universe Dominator) is a huge dragon form by Hawth Bowserth, This dragon have scale is extremely big, this scale nearly same Sloan Great Wall or Local Group.

Personality Edit

This dragon have 1.5 septillion kilometers, it's nearly scale Sloan Great Wall. and can eat 150 million galaxies. this have golden dragon. and scaled for 15x UY Scuti scale. Hawth transformed by to enraged and eats a star or Asriel Dreemurr's all powers are arsorbed.

Appearence Edit

Hawth's appearence is golden dragon, this is largest being in the universe. and bigger than Galactus.

In the games Edit

Geometry Dash Edit

God Eater

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Extreme Demon

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Level ID

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God Eater is a upcoming extreme demon by Knobbel, this extremely amounts objects are used. (400k objects) and this level currently have 382.151 objects.

This level is extremely have decoration, but impossible to play this level on mobile.

Super Mario:Multiverse Edit

This monster exists in Super Mario: Multiverse. this is very huge bossfight, Only defeated by rainbow balistas.

God Eater by Knobbelboy.

Gallery Edit


Bowserth eats Saturn and Milky Way.


Full body

Ideas Edit

On Super Mario:Multiverse, it's a final boss idea.

Music Edit

God Eater

God Eater

In during Ultima Hawth Bowserth battle