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Turtle Wexler from the movie Get a Clue! The movie that was based of the book, The Westing Game.

Turtle Wexler is a fictional character in the book The Westing Game. She marries Theo Theodorakis and says she is the bomber to protect her sister, Angela. Turtle only did one bomb so people would believe that it was her. Turtle figured out that Mr.Westing and Sandy were the same person and potentially won the game. Every Saturday she would go to his house and visit Sandy (Mr. Westing) and was at his death bed. She takes over Westing Paper Products.

Turtle got a masters degree in buisness administration,an advanced degree in corporate law, and hsd served 2 years as legal counsel tothe westing paper poducts coorporation.

Apperances on Mario FanonEdit

P&F Games Inc.Edit

Turtle has appeared as a guest star. She was a part of the guest star pair in Mario Kart: Triple Turbo!!! and Super Mario Tennis Tour.

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