A Trophy Ray is an item in the Adventure Mode of Super Smash Bros:Smackdown! The player never gets to use one of these and it is only used in cutscenes.It replaces the Dark Cannon from the Subspace Emiserry from Brawl as they are both capable of turning its victim into a Trophy in one shot but they both have different ways of usage

Usage Edit

Ut is normaly used in a whip like fashion where the wepon will produce an purple energy whip which is used to attack but to trophy-fie a characyer a button on the ray to turn the whip gold and rdvert anyone it touches into a trophy, another tactic is to tie the victim up before activating the throphyfication ability to give them less time to react.It can also be used as a raygun but still retains the trophyfieng ability

Sonic/Mario's Trophy Ray Edit

Sonic/Mario used one under mind control and succefully captures Amy/Peach, he later uses it in an attempt to capture Tails only for it to be eaten by Yoshi

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