Koopa Troopa

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Troopa is the eighth of the Koopalings. He was adopted more recently than the other Koopalings, and doesn't really communicate with any of them except for Ludwig and Bowser Jr..

History Edit

Little is known about Troopa's history; all that is known is that he had some sort of epic adventure before being adopted by Bowser.

Appearance Edit

Troopa is a Koopaling with green spiked shell and brown eyes. Troopa usually wears a red mask, and a spiked shell hat.

In Mario's Speedway, Troopa has a red spiked shell and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a jet pack, green spiked shell hat and sport shoes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like most of the Koopalings, Troopa has a spiked shell that he can hide in and spin into oppenents. He has a wand like the rest of the Koopalings, but it's power is different from the others. Troopa's wand is able to shoot spinning Koopa shells at enemies, which can't be destroyed until Troopa is hit or is thrown into another shell. His spiked shell helmet prevents Mario and co. from jumping on his head.

Appearences Edit

Super Mario Moose Edit

Troopa makes his first appearence in Super Mario Moose as a villain. It is unknown which world he will be a boss of as of now.

Gigabyte Gaming Brawl 2015 Edit

Troopa appears in Gigbabyte Gaming Brawl 2015 as a playable character.

His move set is:

Move Name Move Type Description
Shell Wand Standard Special Troopa shoots out a Koopa shell from his wand. It can backfire of multiple oppoents.
Shell Spin Side Special Troopa spins into his Koopa shell to knock out opponents.
Shell Jump Up Special Troopa goes into his shell and spins upward, similar to Bowser's up special.
Shell Hide Down Special Troopa quickly dives into his shell and turns shell side up. Any opponents that hit him will take major damage.
Super Ricochet Final Smash Troopa will be surrounded by ricocheting shell stronghold.

His wand also appears as an item, allowing players to shoot Koopa Shells at others.

Super Mario Adventure Edit

Troopa has been confirmed to be a boss in Super Mario Adventure, along with the rest of the Koopalings. Not much is known about what he will do, but it is said he will use his shell wand again.

Mario's Speedway Edit

Troopa is a boss of the World 1 in Level 1-Boss. Troopa uses his Shell Wand, that is able to shoot Green Shells, Red Shells and Yellow Shells. The player has to use the Green Shells to attack Troopa. Then, Troopa shoots Bob-ombs at the player. The player has to use Bob-ombs to defeat Troopa.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Koopalings where added into Super Mario Moose, a whole world had to be made for Troopa, as originally there were only 7 bosses besides Bowser.
  • Troopas creator has said Troopa will more than likely be his only Koopaling creation; however, he says he has one more idea in mind.