The Treetop Galaxy is giant jungle with a great God-like tree in the center of it.All around the tree are vines, crazy monkies, traps, waterfalls and anything jungle related to it.The tree in the center is called the Great Meku Tree.The tree holds all the power of the jungle and plenty of secrets to be discovered....

"The Great Meku Tree"Edit

Inside the Meku Tree used to hold a great villiage of people who worshipped the tree and its power.Soon after strange creatures and Bowser's minions have invaded the tree and captured the unlucky villagers who didnt escape.Most of the villages escaped but the unlucky few are now slaves to the minions.The minions are slowly harming the Meku Tree's power core slowly destorying the tree and the galaxy minute by minute.


  • "The Meku Tree is a play on the Deku Tree"
  • "There is a Yoshi egg that looks like Donkey Kong hidden somewhere inside the tree"
  • "This is the only Galaxy to have Ultimate Chimps golden chimps with spears"

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