The Toad Brigade is a group of 5 Toads. They help Toadsworth and Toad with his plots. The members are: Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Captain Toad, Banktoad and Mailtoad. They are helped by Toadette and Toadark. It is noted that note all toads can qualify for joining the Toad Brigade. Their first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine as Toads.

History Edit

In Super Mario Sunshine, all of the members of the Toad Brigade haven't got special attire. They're called as normal Toads wearing caps with colored spots, vests with yellow lining and white pants.

During the events of Super Mario Galaxy, the Toads get special attire, what gives them Toadark. Captain Toad gets a headlamp and a camping bag, Blue Toad gets glasses and Mailtoad gets a bag. They jump into the Portal of Galaxy.

When all members decide to make a team, Yellow Toad says, that the team is named Toad Brigade. The team works to help Toads and Mario.

At Super Mario 3D World, Toadsworth gets Captain Toad a jungle explorer outfit as a prize. Toadsworth also gets him a map of the Expedition Survival.

In Super Mario Odyssey, the Toad Brigade return as Toads who will talk to or help Mario. Blue Toad is known as "Hint Toad" in the game.

Toad Brigade returns at Super Mario Galaxy 3.