Toad Adventure 2 is the sequel to Toad Adventure, and is the second installment in the Toad Adventure series. It is made by P&F Games Inc. and is the final game for the Wii 3D.

Plot Edit

It's a beautiful and sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad and Toadette are reclining in lawn chairs and sipping lemonade. Just then, Wart comes along and disturbs the peace. He captures Toadette, and Toad goes off on an adventure to save Toadette.

Worlds Edit

  • World 1 - Mushroom Kingdom
  • World 2 - Dusty Desert
  • World 3 - Candy Canyon
  • World 4 - Bashful Beach
  • World 5 - Slippery Slopes
  • World 6 - Monstrous Mountain
  • World 7 - Lava Land
  • World 8 - Wart's Castle

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