Time Flower
Time Flower
A Teal Flower with Clock Markings
  • First Appearance:
Super Mario Adventure
  • Effect on the Player
Turns Mario into Chrono Mario.

The Time Flower is a type of flower and a power up appearing in Super Mario Adventure. It is exclusive to the post-game quest, and is found in many stages once the secret boss is beaten. It turns Mario into Chrono Mario, and his gloves turn a teal color and he gains a soft, green glow. It has a similar appearance to the Ice Flower, but has two clock hands on its face and is composed of only two, teal-colored sections. It's leaves are also a deeper shade of green. The Time Flower cannot be lost by taking damage or other normal methods. The only way for Mario to change forms is to find another power up.


The Time Flower gives Mario the ability to slow down time, which makes it easy for him to avoid enemy attacks and attack enemies easier. Some enemies and obstacles, particularly bosses, are immune to the effects of slowing time. He can also speed time up, but this does make all other objects and enemies move faster as well, and is thus best used for covering long distances quickly. Mario can also transition between different time periods using the Time Flower. He can usually access 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future' time periods. Jumping time periods helps Mario progress through stages because of the different landscape each period has. For example, a un-climbable cliff in the past may have eroded away partially by the present or future, or new structures may have been built in the future.

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