The W Bros. is like the Mario Bros. but with Wario and Waluigi.

Plot Edit

In this game, Wario and Waluigi are taken by Bowser and are forced to reinforce Bowser Jr. in the events of New Super Mario Bros. When Wario is taken to the Land of the Gold Coins and Waluigi is taken to be turned into a Koopa Troopa. Wario must save Waluigi from the clutches of Bowser Jr. After traveling through multiple worlds packed with stunning challenges and memorable bosses such as Dino Piranha and the Big Bully. At the end, Wario and Waluigi team up to fight the skeleton, Dry Bowser, but that isn't it once the player has finished the game, the player will play as Waluigi and escape from Bowser Jr. and find Wario.

Characters and Power-Ups Edit

When Wario gets a Mega Mushroom, he will transform into a giant Wario with the strength of Bowser. if he gets a Fire Flower he will shoot fireballs and if he gets a Metal Star, he will become literally indestructible.

When Waluigi gets a Mega Mushroom, he will transform into a giant version of himself and is able to destroy walls with a few whacks of his tennis racket. He will also shoot fireballs with the Fire Flower and instead of Waluigi using Metal Stars like Wario does, he uses Dance Mats to distract enemies.

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