The Mushroom Jungle is a vast area of rainforests, caves and mountains located to the far east of the Mushroom Kingdom's cities.

Known areas of the JungleEdit

Here are the discovered areas of the Jungle:

  • Fallicta Altar: Located in the deep heart of the jungle, the Fallicta Altar is the ancient worship and burial area for the remote Toad Tribes, who live in the native hills to the west of the Altar.
  • Crystal Plateau: A large fortress that surrounds the ancient resting place of the tribal crystal.
  • Native Hills: The area in which the Toad Tribes live in small communities. The Tribes are known to fight against eachother for land in the hills.
  • Ejikona Palace: An ancient Palace from the days of the Toad Civilization. King Ejikona once ruled the Mushroom Jungle from this palace, but since the floods, it has been filled with water across the ground floor and the courtyards.
  • Temple of Hajolkana: The mystic temple that houses an ancient time travel portal, which can only be opened by 10 jewels found across the jungle.
  • Snake Valley: A deep valley seperating the Native Hills from the Fallicta Altar and the Ejikona Palace. An unstable rope bridge stretches across the valley, providing a way to the Altar for the Natives.

Ancient HistoryEdit

The Toad Tribes first settled into the jungles in the 1100s, and within 100 years they had built a sustainable community. In the 1200s, other communities settled nearby, but this lead to wars between the communities. The original Toad Tribe, the Hollajinas, defeated many different tribes and were therefore the strongest tribe. One member of the tribe, Grana Ejikona, was even made king of the natives and a palace was built for him. However, in 1256, the rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom decided to invade the tribal lands and disturb the native's delicate lifestyle. King Ejikona was killed in battle with the invaders after being shot twice with a gun by an soldier of the kingdom. After the Mushroom Kingdom won the battle, they began hunting the remaining natives down and killing them. But soon they realised that the native weren't going to harm the kingdom at all. Since then, the natives have lived in peace, but will attack anyone who dares to mess with them.

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