The Luigi Galaxies are a collection of Galaxies neighbouring the Mushroom Galaxies. It was named after it's discoverer, Luigi of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Planets in the GalaxiesEdit

Here are a few planets in the galaxies:

  • Luigi Kingdom Planet: The largest inhabitable planet in the galaxies. The Castle of King Luigi rests in the planet's capital, Luigi Castle City.
  • Toad Mall Planet: Known as the largest Mall in the entire Universe, The Toad Mall Planet is a huge mall ran entirely by Toads. It's been open for 13 years.
  • Cosmic Carnival Planet: The first planet not owned by the Luigi Galactic Government, The Cosmic Carnival is not only owned by intergalactic carnies, but Bowser's minions are there from when Luigi and Bowser battled for the galaxy.

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