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The Lost Brother, sometimes called Super Mario: The Lost Brother is an upcoming video game to be released in 2011 that is about Mario and Luigi's quest to find their lost brother. It was supposed to be released 2 days before Mario Kart: Mushroom Tour, but because of production, it was released 2 days after that game.


The game will be released for the DS, the 3DS, and the Wii. You play as Mario or Luigi as you explore all of the Mushroom Kingdom. The "hub" for this game is Peach's Castle, and the Toad Shops are run by Shoptoad. There are bosses in several towns; the list is in Bosses.


There are many characters appearing in this game, however, only Mario and Luigi are playable, so this game is 2-player. Here are the enemies of the game:



More to come...

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