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Chapter 9 is the ninth chapter of The Land Before Yoshi written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Ozzy and Strut's Plan".


(The next morning, Yoshi and the gang wake up from their long night as the rest of the herd wake up)

  • Yoshi: Morning already?
  • Birdo: Yes. Look like the sun is up.
  • Boshi: Wow, i never knew those inside voices would be coming up on my head from last night.
  • Littlefoot: Whoa, what are those?
  • Cera: Footprints from last night.
  • Chomper: There were two egg stealers talking about me from last night.
  • Ruby: Two egg stealers?
  • Ducky: Where were the egg stealers at?
  • Chomper: They were footprints of them from last night.
  • Yoshi: I knew these sharpteeth would be coming from last night.
  • Longneck #1: Hey, there are footprints on the ground.
  • Longneck #2: Who could it be?
  • Bron: Egg stealers....they are no good.
  • Shorty: We were hearing them from last night. Look at all the footprints they left out.
  • Wild Arms: Eek!
  • Etta: Bad touch.
  • Pterano: Egg stealers' footprints. I think one of them went to the cave before where the Stone of Cold Fire was outside and it smell like egg stealer's breath!
  • Cera: This is no good. It's bad luck.
  • Spike: *sniff on the footprints*
  • Ducky: Spike know that the egg stealers came last night. It is, it is.
  • Yoshi: Sure is. Thieves...
  • Bron: There is no point on going back. Have anyone been robbed?
  • Longneck #3: No. But there are footprints all over the land.
  • Ruby: But where could the egg stealers be?

(A sound of a Earthshake was occurring)

  • Yoshi: What was that?
  • Birdo: The little rocks are crumbling.
  • Littlefoot: Earthshake!
  • Bron: The earthshake.

(The earthshake started to rumble as the cracks started lifting the land up from the rocky plains)

  • Pterano: Stay in cover, stay in cover!
  • Wild Arms: Eek!
  • Etta: Look out for the falling cliffs.
  • Chomper: I'm scared.
  • Ruby: We'll be alright Chomper.
  • Bron: Stay as a herd! Stay together!
  • Boshi: Hold on guys. *hold the gang and dash to the longneck side*

(Red Claw, Screech and Thud run from the moving ground as Ozzy and Strut run from the land falling)

  • Ozzy: Earthshake! Earthshake!
  • Strut: We're all gonna die!

(The earthshake stopped as the aftermath lead to two lands in half of a single crack)

  • Yoshi: Oh no, we're split in half. We can't go back to the Great Valley!
  • Birdo: We're stuck!
  • Bron: Guys, we need to go another way. There is no point on going back. The Earthshake has stopped us.
  • Shorty: I told you this place is a bad idea to stay for one night.
  • Littlefoot: Now we're stuck. How are we going to leave?
  • Pterano: Guys, i found another path. Let's go.
  • Bron: Come on guys. Follow Pterano into the path.
  • Wild Arms: Here we go again. I hope we don't fall in the cliff.
  • Etta: At least we flyers can escape from falling rocks and mountains.
  • Boshi: Are we leaving again?
  • Cera: Yes. I just wanna go home.
  • Etta: Come on kids, just watch your step and don't fall from the cracked cliff.
  • Littlefoot: We will.
  • Wild Arms: Slow down, steady, good.
  • Bron: Come on guys, we must move on.
  • Yoshi: Let's go.

(In the other side of the rocky plains)

  • Bron: The Longneck Shore should be about a hour away. Keep going!
  • Shorty: Why are we going to the shore?
  • Bron: There's a lot of food there. We need food to survive.
  • Littlefoot: But why are we going all the way to the shore? My herd did the same thing like last time.
  • Bron: We're blocked out. We must find a new path to get you guys home. We have to keep trying and trying.
  • Littlefoot: Fine.
  • Bron: Petrie and Pterano, keep an eye on the sharpteeth.
  • Petrie: Yes Bron.
  • Pterano: We will look for sharpteeth right away.
  • Bron: Keep looking. They're everywhere in these places. They may try to chow on us down. But we gotta keep on the head of the journey.
  • Shorty: Right behind you.
  • Spike: Uh huh.
  • Ducky: We must be brave.

(Back with Ozzy and Strut on the rocky side)

  • Ozzy: Longnecks......longnecks.........longnecks! I hate those longnecks so much. The world is shaken and it's my chance to make them fall.
  • Strut: Why you want to make them fall just because an earthshake showed up?
  • Ozzy: I wish that longneck is dead. He will pay for everything he done with the sharptooth he has with him. No one is standing a chance on my side.
  • Strut: What should we do?
  • Ozzy: Set up a interesting crack. Follow me. We're going to trick them out.
  • Strut: Wait up.
  • Ozzy: Ugh, we are together. Are you blind or something?
  • Strut: No.
  • Ozzy: So act like a real man!
  • Strut: Fine you stupid.
  • Ozzy: Whatever.

(Back at the Great Valley, the dinosaurs wake up from their nap as Grandpa and Grandma Longneck wake up)

  • Grandpa Longneck: Littlefoot! Ahh, they're not back.
  • Grandma Longneck: We need to make an announcement.
  • Grandpa Longneck: Why? Topsy is the one to make all the announcements. We do this every year.
  • Grandma Longneck: No sonny man, i trusted you to do this. Topsy is like the meanest leader of all.
  • Grandpa Longneck: But why would you say that?
  • Grandma Longneck: I trusted you on this. You need to tell everyone in the Great Valley to report on the rock circle.
  • Grandpa Longneck: I will. We're all going together to find the kids.
  • Grandma Longneck: Let's go right now.
  • Grandpa Longneck: Not a problem.

(At Topsy and Tria's tree)

  • Topsy: Morning already?
  • Tria: Sure is Topsy.
  • Topsy: I can see the light.
  • Tricia: Ah, da da.
  • Tria: Aww, Tricia like the sun.
  • Topsy: The sun is the bright circle of our world. We respect the circle of life all day.
  • Grandpa Longneck: Topsy.
  • Topsy: Uh, Grandpa Longneck. Hello there. How can we help you?
  • Grandpa Longneck: We need to go to the Rock Circle. It's very important to everyone.
  • Topsy: Like what?

(At the Rock Circle, all the residents are together for the meeting as Grandpa Longneck make an annoucement)

  • Grandpa Longneck: Attention everyone, we have some very important news to share with you. My grandson is missing.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Mama Flyer: My son is missing too as well.
  • Topsy: Even Cera and the rest of the kids are missing!
  • Mama Swimmer: There are no sign of the kids!
  • Mr. Thicknose: Wait! Remember when the three flabby dinosaurs came to our valley. They took the kids somewhere.
  • Topsy: I knew they are not trusted by going out for a adventure. Strangers.
  • Tria: How could you call them strangers?
  • Topsy: I told you to not bring the far-walkers in.
  • Mr. Clubtail: Do you think the far-walkers are not trusted at all?
  • Topsy: Even Pterano was suppose to bring them back here. But he lied to us all.
  • Mr. Thicknose: Such a shame.
  • Mama Flyer: What about Chomper and Ruby?
  • Topsy: Don't worry about them. They're off somewhere!

(The grown-ups started to complain)

  • Grandpa Longneck: Guys, guys, guys!
  • Topsy: What?
  • Mr. Clubtail: Our valley is never perfect. Every time inner peace comes, the sharpteeth come along.
  • Grandma Longneck: We have created traps in every path for the sharpteeth to not past. Now we all have to go together to find the kids and take them home.
  • Mr. Thicknose: Guys, if we leave, the sharpteeth could come and staying in our home. Bad idea.
  • Mr. Clubtail: No one is talking to you Mr. Thicknose.
  • Mr. Thicknose: Who's you calling club, Clubtail.
  • Mr. Clubtail: You dare to make fun of my name?
  • Topsy: Guys, stop fighting! We're all gonna go together.
  • Grandpa Longneck: And i mean it. We're going to go as a big herd to find where the kids are. The whole world could be very dangerous for us.
  • Tria: That's why we're sticking together as a group.
  • Mr. Clubtail: Yeah, yeah. One big group.
  • Grandpa Longneck: We must be brave to find the kids and stop after those sharpteeth.
  • Topsy: I'll be leading the group.
  • Grandpa Longneck: Okay, you know how the case is solved. One we split into groups, we'll find where the kids are.
  • Grandma Longneck: We're not spliting up. We're sticking together.
  • Topsy: Why are you saying this like two times?!

(The grown-ups started to complain again)

  • Grandpa Longneck: Guys, guys!
  • Topsy: Silence!
  • Grandma Longneck: We all need a plan.
  • Tricia: Da?
  • Tria: Not now Tricia. We have a adult situation going on.
  • Topsy: You know how it works.
  • Grandpa Longneck: We should all be ready by this.
  • Topsy: You know when we're ready.
  • Grandpa Longneck: When the time comes, Littlefoot and the gang should be back by now.
  • Topsy: We'll see about that. *singing*

When the kids are gone, they haven't return

And it been few days, there was no news from the strangers, from beyond

  • Grandpa Longneck:

But when Pterano came, he tell us the news

He's gonna bring them back, but there was no sign

And suddenly, he haven't came back

  • Topsy:

And we have to go and find a way to find them

We all must be brave on the way to the land

And look out for sharpteeth and stay as a big group!

  • Grandpa Longneck: We Must be Brave.
  • Topsy: We Must be Brave.
  • Grandma Longneck: We need to survive.
  • Tria: Now it's time to go.
  • Topsy: Are you guys ready to leave?
  • All: Yeah!
  • Topsy: Now let's move it. When you see big cliffs and dead ends, do not fall!
  • Mama Flyer: We promise to be brave.
  • Topsy: Yeah, yeah. Now let's evacuate to find the missing people!

(Back at Yoshi's Island, the Yoshi Chief and Thunderfoot came up to the rock pile to see everyone)

  • Yoshi Chief: Good morning my friends, i hope we're all going to continue on making a plan to bring Yoshi, Birdo and Boshi back. Who's with me?
  • Sushie: I do.
  • Mini-Yoshi: I'm ready for it.
  • Thunderfoot: Ah, i love when we plan out a few things to open up to another dimension.
  • Yoshi Chief: That's the beauty of it my friend.
  • Thunderfoot: Things are going out good.
  • Yoshi Chief: Now let's continue.

(Back with Yoshi, Bron and the herd at the rocky plains)

  • Bron: Okay guys. We are together. Now let's go to the other side of the path.
  • Boshi: Man, i wish i can speed all the people up.
  • Ruby: We can't. Most of them are elders.
  • Boshi: What?
  • Ruby: Yeah. They walk slow like Littlefoot's parents.
  • Boshi: Oh no.
  • Littlefoot: Sorry Boshi, we have a long way to walk.
  • Yoshi: I wish we can use a warp pipe to pass by. But none of them are small.
  • Cera: They're too big to fit in these warp pipes.
  • Birdo: At least, none of this stuff happen in the past.
  • Boshi: Well, that's too bad.
  • Yoshi: One way or another. It's a very long path from there.
  • Boshi: I know my friend. Very long path.
  • Bron: Guys, we have to keep moving. Just stick ahead of the herd.
  • Littlefoot: Okay dad.
  • Cera: We move along.
  • Chomper: Just in a little time.
  • Petrie: Any sharpteeth to be found?
  • Pterano: No. I don't see them on the desert side.
  • Petrie: No sharpteeth at all.
  • Pterano: Keep looking my son. We gotta watch over the sharpteeth. They may try to reach after us for a encounter.
  • Petrie: Okay uncle.
  • Bron: How you guys doing?
  • Petrie: We have been searching good.
  • Pterano: No sharpteeth problems at all.
  • Bron: I see what you did.
  • Pterano: Ah, i see the beauty of it.
  • Etta: Just look for the light.
  • Petrie: But me see the light.
  • Etta: Everytime we walk, the light is alway there, watching upon us.
  • Petrie: Me see.
  • Etta: Just look for the light as you see.
  • Petrie: Me know.
  • Etta: We'll see.
  • Pterano: Just keep looking.
  • Yoshi: We have a lot to see.
  • Shorty: Just to be checking with you.
  • Yoshi: Okay.
  • Bron: Guys, i think we found more paths to pass through. So let's keep on moving.
  • Wild Arms: Let's roll.

(The herd headed to the other side of the rocky ways)

  • Yoshi: What a big world out there.
  • Littlefoot: We're much big of a world we got.
  • Boshi: So we're far from that paradise place we're going on.
  • Littlefoot: I know.
  • Petrie: Are we almost there?
  • Pterano: Yes. We are almost to the paradise place we're going to.
  • Bron: Look like we're about almost to the other side of the rocky plains.
  • Shorty: Oh yeah. We're gonna make it.

(Another Earthshake sound occurs)

  • Yoshi: Not again.
  • Boshi: These earthshakes never stop.
  • Littlefoot: We alway have earthshakes.
  • Petrie: There it goes again!

(The earthshake rumbles)

  • Bron: Everyone, stay together!
  • Pterano: Yikes! Earthshake!
  • Chomper: It's the earthshake!
  • Yoshi: Stay in cover!
  • Ruby: I see the cracks!
  • Wild Arms: I believe it's the end of the world!
  • Cera: Just hold on!
  • Bron: Stay still!
  • Etta: Stay in touch!
  • Birdo: Look out from the cliff.
  • Boshi: And don't fall.
  • Bron: Everyone! To the other side!
  • Shorty: Keep moving!
  • Etta: And don't fall!

(The herd run from the earthshake from shaking the land apart)

  • Bron: We must find the other way to get out.
  • Longneck #1: I hope we survive.
  • Longneck #2: As long the land stop shaking.
  • Yoshi: Oh no. The crack is headed to our side!
  • Boshi: Split up! Split up!
  • Cera: Boshi!
  • Boshi: I'm sorry. It's the only way that we can do.
  • Bron: We'll see you on the other side.
  • Littlefoot: Dad!
  • Bron: Stay alive! No matter how long it takes, I will find you!
  • Shorty: See ya brother.
  • Littlefoot: Boys.

(Two sides started to split apart as the land started to move. Ozzy and Strut hide in the ground from the earthshake.)

  • Strut: Why are we doing this?
  • Ozzy: That's why we don't get killed by the earthshakes.
  • Strut: I hate earthshakes so much.

(Back with Littlefoot's gang, the ground started to crumble with the rocks breaking in half pieces like a pizza)

  • Yoshi: We need to jump.
  • Birdo: Why jump?
  • Yoshi: That's the only way we can do it.
  • Boshi: I wish those plumber boys were here to help.
  • Yoshi: They're back at the Toad Town and we can't call them all the way to help us down.
  • Chomper: We're almost to the edge of the end.
  • Ruby: Oh no.
  • Littlefoot: Stranger danger.
  • Boshi: We gotta move back.
  • Ruby: The two sides are moving back.
  • Ducky: They're getting bigger.
  • Spike: Ahh!

(Back with Bron's herd)

  • Pterano: Petrie, you're friends are in danger, go help them out.
  • Petrie: What? They're all the way far. Me can't go all the way to push like a threehorn. Me not strong enough.
  • Pterano: Go help them out! They're your friends.
  • Bron: Listen to your uncle Petrie.
  • Petrie: Fine. Me help them out.

(Back with Littlefoot's group, the gang are standing together from falling from the cliff)

  • Yoshi: Stay together, and do not move.
  • Boshi: Eek! The rocks break like tiny bits of candy.
  • Birdo: Don't fall.
  • Petrie: Hey guys!
  • Littlefoot: Petrie.
  • Petrie: Don't worry, me here to help.
  • Cera: You can't be in here. We're about to fall.
  • Petrie: Yikes! Me scare to fall out.
  • Ruby: Me too.
  • Yoshi: Guys, you stay here. Me, Birdo and Boshi will have a plan to get you guys out of here.
  • Cera: What? Are you crazy?!
  • Yoshi: Just stay calm. We figure out a way to get you out of this trap.
  • Birdo: Stay here.
  • Boshi: We will help out.
  • Littlefoot: Hurry up.

(Yoshi, Birdo and Boshi jump off the rock as they land on the cliff)

  • Birdo: Now.
  • Yoshi: *stick his tongue to the rock where Littlefoot and the gang are*
  • Birdo: Move.
  • Yoshi: *move back*
  • Boshi: Pull.
  • Yoshi: *move back*
  • Littlefoot: Uh oh.
  • Ducky: Stand back.
  • Petrie: Me not strong enough to carry enough friends.
  • Birdo: Boshi, it's not working well.
  • Boshi: The rocks are falling off and the gang is about to fall.
  • Birdo: I'm going to help my best friend. *grab Yoshi*
  • Yoshi: *pull up the rock more with his tongue*
  • Chomper: Stand still!
  • Ruby: Do not move!
  • Boshi: The earthshake isn't strong enough to break those rocks like a hurricane.
  • Birdo: Keep moving back Yoshi. I got you.
  • Yoshi: *move back more*
  • Boshi: The rocks are breaking down. Go faster.
  • Littlefoot: Hurry up!
  • Yoshi: Whoa!
  • Birdo: *grab Yoshi* Don't worry, you won't fall.
  • Yoshi: It's getting far. They're going to fall.
  • Birdo: Boshi, come on!
  • Boshi: Fine. I'll help. *grab Birdo to move back faster from falling*
  • Littlefoot: Almost there.
  • Ducky: Come on.
  • Chomper: Reach from the cliff.
  • Birdo: Yoshi, now.
  • Yoshi: *move back more*
  • Birdo: Just jump.
  • Boshi: Let me do it. *jump and stomp the ground to make Yoshi lift the ground side high as Littlefoot and the gang landed to the cliff where Yoshi and his friends are to safety*
  • Littlefoot: You did it.
  • Petrie: Ahhhhh, now me feel better.
  • Boshi: Are you guys alright?
  • Cera: Yes.
  • Ruby: We're split apart.
  • Yoshi: My tongue. My tongue.
  • Birdo: Man, your tongue look like a fruit-roll up.
  • Yoshi: Don't ask me. I'm not talking about it. *put his tongue back to his mouth and shook his head* Much better.
  • Boshi: We're far from the herd and the ground is split into two pieces.
  • Littlefoot: We can't go further to see my dad and the others.
  • Chomper: I hate to split up.
  • Ruby: Me too.
  • Yoshi: We need to find another way around. There is no way out.
  • Petrie: But me also a flyer. Me can tell everyone about it.
  • Littlefoot: No Petrie. Just stick with us for a while.
  • Petrie: Fine.

(Back with Bron's herd)

  • Bron: I can't believe they split up like this.
  • Shorty: Our friends are back there now.
  • Etta: They're in trouble.
  • Pterano: No Etta, they're safe. Nothing bad is gonna happen to them.
  • Etta: But what if the sharptooth came along to eat them?
  • Pterano: Nah, they're going to be fine.
  • Wild Arms: You know that i hate sharpteeth in general.
  • Pterano: Me too. I hope they catch up with us on the other side.
  • Bron: Guys, we have to keep on going. Don't just stand here and walk.
  • Wild Arms: Okay. You are the leader by the way.
  • Etta: See you soon Littlefoot. We'll be there for you.

(Back with Littlefoot's gang)

  • Littlefoot: Don't worry dad, i'll be back for you.
  • Yoshi: I hate when earthshakes split everything apart.
  • Littlefoot: It's such a shame. I wish we were together again.
  • Birdo: Let's keep on going to find a place to stay.
  • Boshi: Why are we finding a place to stay at? There is no point of staying in a place where the sharpteeth would come out and kill us all.
  • Chomper: It's okay. We will continue to search for a new way to pass to the bridge.
  • Ruby: Let's go now.
  • Yoshi: Fine.
  • Littlefoot: I wish the earthshake never happen.

(Back with Ozzy and Strut in the desert)

  • Strut: Man, that earthshake was a huge rumble.
  • Ozzy: Of course it is. Stop being a pest.
  • Strut: Why would i be a pest?
  • Ozzy: Cause your a fool! You wouldn't make a fool of me.
  • Strut: Hey.
  • Ozzy: Let's go. We gotta find the baby sharptooth and destroy it with our hands.
  • Strut: You want to destroy a sharptooth. But we're weak.
  • Ozzy: No need to ask. I will find him and crush him with the claws of my vengeance.

(Back with Littlefoot's gang, they headed to the forest)

  • Yoshi: Whoa, most of the land has the trees fell down from the earthshake.
  • Littlefoot: It alway happen sometimes.
  • Cera: Why won't the earthshakes stop shaking the land at all times?
  • Boshi: Maybe because it's the time of the dinosaurs and most lands have earthshakes all the time.
  • Chomper: We alway have earthshakes.
  • Ducky: It stinks to live in a time where earthshakes could happen everyday.
  • Cera: Just like how big the Great Earthshake was.
  • Littlefoot: It's never going to happen again.
  • Petrie: Right. Never again.
  • Birdo: Guys, i think we found a place with shade.
  • Littlefoot: A cave?
  • Birdo: Yeah. Follow me.
  • Littlefoot: Okay.

(At the cave)

  • Littlefoot: Not bad for a resting spot.
  • Yoshi: It's not a resting spot. It's a cave.
  • Littlefoot: Huh?
  • Cera: What this leads to?
  • Boshi: Follow us.
  • Petrie: Me think it's scary.
  • Boshi: It's not scary. Look.

(The cave turn out to be a crystal place)

  • Cera: Wow.
  • Ducky: Look at all of that.
  • Spike: *sniff to the crystals*
  • Ruby: They're so beautiful.
  • Chomper: I like it. Even all of them glow like a firefly.
  • Yoshi: Oh yeah, fresh light from the inside.
  • Boshi: Ooh, some of them are blue like my color.
  • Chomper: I am blue too.
  • Boshi: But you are purple.
  • Chomper: Uh? I look like a mix of blue and purple together.
  • Ruby: It's okay. Everyone has a different color.
  • Yoshi: We Yoshis and Birdos have different colors too.
  • Petrie: Hey, me didn't know that.
  • Yoshi: You know what it's like to see the whole Yoshi family together.
  • Boshi: Come on guys, there's a lot of crystal to be seen around.
  • Littlefoot: Well okay, let's move on.
  • Yoshi: Okie dokie.

(In the river side of the cave)

  • Ruby: Ooh, i didn't know there's a river.
  • Yoshi: Fresh water.
  • Ducky: I wonder what the river could lead to. Follow the river.
  • Cera: I see the light.
  • Ducky: These shiny crystals grow alot.
  • Spike: Ahhh.
  • Boshi: Wow, shiny.
  • Birdo: Is there a way to find paradise?
  • Yoshi: Yeah, paradise is only a few hours away. Let's keep going.
  • Littlefoot: Okay then. If you say so.

(Back with Bron's herd, they are about to go to the forest)

  • Bron: Hey guys, we should go to the forest. There is no problem on going to a forest where the sharpteeth could be watching us like sharp beaks.
  • Pterano: Sound fine by me.
  • Bron: No tricks.
  • Pterano: No tricks. Safe and sound.
  • Bron: Good. Now let's keep on moving.
  • Etta: Wait. Do you think the kids are in the forest by now?
  • Bron: I don't know. I don't think they're in the same forest as us.
  • Shorty: I don't see Littlefoot anywhere.
  • Etta: I'm going to find them. I knew the crack didn't split the forest apart from the earthshake.
  • Bron: Go ahead. Do whatever you have to.
  • Etta: Okay. I will find them. See ya in a little bit. *fly to the forest*
  • Bron: Let's go guys. We'll find that paradise place in no time.

(Back at the underground cave with the crystals)

  • Yoshi: Hey look, we found ourselves some light.
  • Birdo: Whoa.
  • Boshi: It's a Rainbow Road out there.
  • Spike: Ahhh.
  • Littlefoot: It's a shiny crystal place out there.
  • Chomper: So many lights.
  • Cera: I've seen many before, even in other caves.
  • Chomper: I know.
  • Ducky: It's a big big world.
  • Spike: *sniff on the crystals*
  • Boshi: I could never go to a place like this. This is so amazing.
  • Cera: Let's check out some cool stuff.
  • Ruby: Okay, there's more to look around.
  • Boshi: That is one big deal of a gem.
  • Chomper: Shiny.
  • Littlefoot: Ooh, there's a pool.
  • Yoshi: Cannonball! *jump in the water*
  • Littlefoot: Whoa, you splash on me.
  • Birdo: There's a pool and you didn't tell us about it?
  • Yoshi: The water is warm. It's not that bad. Jump in with the beautiful neon lights.
  • Chomper: Well, look like i'm going in!
  • Ducky: Everyone to the pool!
  • Spike: *splash on the water*
  • Yoshi: Ah.
  • Boshi: Oh yeah, it's time to shine our cool one.
  • Ruby: What a beautiful cave.
  • Cera: Meh, it's dark out here, except when the lights are on.
  • Boshi: It's not that dark. It's glowing within the crystals.
  • Cera: Um, okay?
  • Yoshi: It feel warm in here.
  • Littlefoot: Doesn't look that cold to me.
  • Ducky: I know about it.
  • Chomper: It's warm in the water.
  • Ruby: Pretty much warm.
  • Petrie: Nice and freshing.
  • Yoshi: It's relaxing and no sharpteeth is there.
  • Chomper: Doesn't ring a treestar.
  • Yoshi: Yep, what a good time to stay here.

(Back with Bron's group, they found a forest valley to stay in)

  • Bron: Oh look, another valley we discovered.
  • Shorty: It look big as the Land of Mists.
  • Wild Arms: Fresh space for all of us.
  • Bron: Look like to me.
  • Pterano: Ah, who would stay in a place like this.
  • Bron: I would stay here to see the beautiful trees.
  • Longneck #1: Me too.
  • Longneck #2: That feel delight.
  • Shorty: What are those rocks doing here?
  • Bron: We're just going to stomp them to make some room.
  • Shorty: Well okay. Wait! You're going to stomp on the rocks?
  • Bron: Yeah, it's easy. *stomp on the little rock* See?
  • Shorty: Whoa.
  • Bron: Easy piece of grass.
  • Shorty: I like that.
  • Bron: That's more like it.
  • Etta: This feels like home.
  • Bron: We alway move. This is just for a reason.
  • Etta: You guys are moving from one place from another. Can you just stay in just one place you're interested in?
  • Bron: Yeah. I don't like when sharpteeth come to every home that we alway move to.
  • Etta: Just hit the sharpteeth and make them go away.
  • Bron: I promise. I will try my best to scare them off.
  • Etta: You know what to do. Get out there and fight against the sharpteeth.
  • Bron: I'm alway brave and i'm here to protect my herd.
  • Pterano: I'll check for every sharpteeth around the corner.
  • Wild Arms: Oh boy, we're going to be safe.
  • Bron: It's good that we have a hero.
  • Etta: I thought you are the hero.
  • Bron: I am. I have been protecting herds for many years.
  • Etta: Whoa, so you're like a hero to the herd.
  • Bron: That's right. I am the man.
  • Shorty: That's my dad, alright.
  • Bron: Thank you son.
  • Shorty: You're welcome pa.
  • Pterano: We need to find the kids now. We were seperated from them.
  • Bron: The whole world could be dangerous for us. But i don't know when.
  • Shorty: Like how?
  • Bron: Most of the continents has sharpteeth around. Many homes have been struggling with the sharpteeth over the past few years.
  • Shorty: I hate sharpteeth. But we're going to stomp them away.
  • Bron: Yeah, i'm the leader of the herd.
  • Etta: You sure are.
  • Wild Arms: Best leader of all.
  • Bron: Okay, we're going to be staying here for a while.
  • Wild Arms: Look like a nice spot for us.
  • Etta: Fits good to us.
  • Pterano: We're all good together.
  • Bron: Beats me.
  • Shorty: Uh huh.
  • Etta: I think i should go and find Littlefoot and the others.
  • Bron: Wait, you're going to find Littlefoot and the rest of the gang?
  • Etta: Yes Bron. They're missing and i need to find them somewhere around the forest.
  • Bron: Remember, stranger danger.
  • Etta: I know what stranger danger is.
  • Bron: You sure do.
  • Etta: Got it.
  • Pterano: Don't worry Etta, i hope you survive the sharptooth attack.
  • Etta: I will.
  • Pterano: Ah, my love. Be safe.
  • Etta: See ya later Pterano.
  • Pterano: Goodbye Etta.
  • Etta: I'll be back for you.
  • Pterano: Ah, what a lovely flyer.
  • Bron: Stay safe. And look out for flying sharpteeth!
  • Etta: I will.
  • Pterano: I never knew these flying sharpteeth exist in existance.
  • Bron: They're very dangerous than sharpteeth that stand on ground.
  • Pterano: I know about that.

(Back at the crystal cave)

  • Yoshi: I can never stop swimming in this pool.
  • Littlefoot: Me too. No bad sharpteeth are around here.
  • Cera: You know what happen next?
  • Yoshi: Lke what?
  • Cera: Not all caves have no sharpteeth. Most of them has sharpteeth inside.
  • Yoshi: Nah, you're just daydreaming. Just have all the fun you can get.
  • Cera: I'm serious about this.
  • Boshi: I have not seen a sharpteeth at all.
  • Birdo: Me too.
  • Petrie: Me no see bad sharpteeth around here.
  • Ducky: Spike, have you seen any sharpteeth around here?
  • Spike: *shook head as a no*
  • Ducky: Good point.
  • Yoshi: No sharpteeth for nothing.
  • Boshi: Ah, now we're free.
  • Chomper: I don't think we're free. I guess we're stuck in the cave after all.
  • Ruby: There have to be a way to get out.
  • Littlefoot: Let's stop the fun and try to find a way to get out of here.
  • Yoshi: It's on my watch.
  • Birdo: It's about time.
  • Boshi: Come on, we have to find a way out of this place. I know we can catch up with Bron and the others.
  • Cera: The crystals' light is getting lower. We have to move now.
  • Yoshi: Let's go, we can't stay in here all day, we gotta move on.
  • Boshi: Time to go. Let's get ready to leave the pool and keep on going.
  • Petrie: You said it.
  • Littlefoot: Oh well, time to go.
  • Yoshi: Alright, let's make our move.
  • Chomper: Time to keep on going.
  • Yoshi: Let's go.

(Into the other side of the cavern)

  • Petrie: Can we find light if there's a way out?
  • Yoshi: Oh sure. We will find light in no time.
  • Littlefoot: Just look for the light. One for a kind.
  • Yoshi: Got it.
  • Birdo: We're just making sure.
  • Boshi: Very good.
  • Littlefoot: No bugs or slugs will be coming this way.
  • Yoshi: I know. But what if a spider was there and crawl around our feet.
  • Littlefoot: Eek! I wouldn't like that if i were you.
  • Yoshi: Just saying my friend.
  • Cera: We wouldn't be around with those scary creatures if they were real in the sleep stories.
  • Ruby: I wouldn't believe that.
  • Yoshi: Jusy saying.
  • Spike: *sniff*
  • Ducky: Spike, what are you sniffing for?
  • Spike: *sniffing for footprints*
  • Yoshi: He is sniffing for the footprints. Maybe we can follow him.
  • Boshi: Yeah. Let's go follow Spike and see what he's up to?
  • Chomper: We're good to go.
  • Yoshi: I hope Spike is on the right track to get us out of here.
  • Ruby: Spike is doing great. Keep looking around for places to go.
  • Spike: *sniff on footprints*

(Back with Etta at the forest)

  • Etta: I need to find where Littlefoot and the others are. They are seperated around two places. I wonder why.

(Two domeheads sneaked together into the forest)

  • Etta: I wonder what place the kids went? I don't know why.

(Two domeheads run into the bush)

  • Etta: Huh? What was that?

(The two domeheads pop out by roaring)

  • Etta: Oh no, i gotta fly away!
  • Domeheads: *chase after Etta*
  • Etta: You can't catch me now!
  • Domehead #1: *roar*
  • Domehead #2: *scare the lizards off*
  • Etta: Hey, why are you scaring off all the innocent creatures.
  • Domehead #2: *roar*
  • Etta: There is it. The cave! I have to hide inside. *run in the cave*
  • Domeheads: *run to the cave*
  • Etta: Oh no, i knew Littlefoot and the gang would be at the cave.

(Back at the cave)

  • Chomper: Did you hear something?
  • Boshi: Something is rumbling around here.
  • Yoshi: That must be-
  • Littlefoot: Etta!
  • Etta: Move out of the way kids!
  • Yoshi: The big bulk heads are coming. Run!
  • Ruby: It's the domeheads!
  • Birdo: Let's get outta here!
  • Cera: Run!
  • Domeheads: *hit everywhere in the caves*
  • Yoshi: The cave is cracking apart.
  • Etta: We have to hide now.
  • Chomper: But the exit is this way.
  • Etta: No doubt. They block the exit.
  • Ducky: Spike, the other way!
  • Spike: *run to the other side*
  • Ducky: This way!
  • Boshi: Okie dokie.

(The gang run from the domeheads as the domeheads bump into the big wall and crack most of the rocks from collapsing)

  • Petrie: Oh no, we gotta get outta here.
  • Yoshi: The cave is breaking apart.
  • Littlefoot: Let's run from the falling rocks!
  • Ducky: This way, this way!
  • Littlefoot: Follow Spike and we'll find our way out.
  • Yoshi: The cave is breaking. Find a way to hide.
  • Boshi: Oh lord, the cracks are getting higher and higher like the Ice Age.
  • Birdo: Run fast Boshi. Just take us and run fast to get us out of here.
  • Boshi: Not a problem.

(Boshi hold the gang to dashed through out the cave as part of the rocks is breaking apart from spliting two sides together from Boshi getting hurt)

  • Yoshi: Boshi!
  • Littlefoot: Are you okay?
  • Boshi: Yes. The cave isn't strong enough to run with my feet.
  • Yoshi: Look out!
  • Etta: *hold Yoshi from the rock blocking the way*
  • Birdo: Move back!
  • Spike: *hold Boshi from the rocks falling*
  • Ducky: Go Spike Go!
  • Chomper: Let's jump!
  • Ruby: Jump!

(The gang jumped as the rocks stop falling by spliting the two groups apart)

  • Chomper: Oh no.
  • Birdo: Yoshi and Etta are trap.
  • Petrie: What are we gonna do?
  • Birdo: We can't get them out of here. The domeheads has blocked the way out. Now we have to find another way through.
  • Littlefoot: I hate being trap in caves. I don't know why.
  • Cera: Great. Now these big rocks are stepping aside to make us trap like sharpteeth.
  • Chomper: Hey guys, don't be afraid of the dark. There's nothing to fear down here.
  • Cera: Oh we get it Chomper. We're afraid of fear and there could be any accidents.
  • Boshi: Now we have to find a way out of this. Great job Chomper, all your fault.
  • Chomper: Hey, don't blame on me. It's not my idea. It's all Spike's idea and fault.
  • Littlefoot: You shouldn't say whatever you have to say.
  • Chomper: I should have never been raised in your home in the first place.

(With Yoshi and Etta on their side after the rocks blocked the way to the exit)

  • Yoshi: My friends are out there, we gotta get out of here.
  • Etta: There's no way out Yoshi. Look like we're stuck together.
  • Yoshi: Oh no. No, no, no, no, no.
  • Etta: Don't worry, we'll find our way out of here.
  • Yoshi: We miss Littlefoot, we miss Birdo and we miss the others.
  • Etta: Relax my dear. There is a way out of this. Look, there's a hole right in front of you.
  • Yoshi: The hole is at the wall.
  • Etta: Come on, i know we can find our way out of this.
  • Yoshi: I can't see the light. It's too dark and we can't see a thing.
  • Etta: Yes. My sister once told me that the dark has less light when you see. My uncle also told me once when i was a young flyer is when the sun goes down, the night is on and there's nothing to fear down here.
  • Yoshi: We have challenges in ages. Most of my species have climb mountains, survive from caves, swim in the ocean and many more.
  • Etta: I'm just like you. I used to teach Littlefoot that when we were trapped in the cave. It was not like the crystal cave you are in, it was a different cave in the desert.
  • Yoshi: I didn't know deserts have caves.
  • Etta: Yeah. But some lands have caves as well in some point of weather and landscape.
  • Yoshi: Should we find our way out of here?
  • Etta: Yes. Let's go.

(Back with Littlefoot's group in the cave)

  • Littlefoot: Oh my, look at the rocks. They're from the wall.
  • Birdo: A lot of them almost block our way out of here.
  • Boshi: I can't believe all of this. What is going on?
  • Ruby: I hope Yoshi and Etta are in a better place. We got the worst trap so far.
  • Littlefoot: *sign* There's nothing to fear down here.
  • Birdo: What?
  • Cera: You guys said it like ten times. Can you say something else other than that?
  • Ruby: Cera, we're all lost and trapped in this. We have face dangers before like the wrath of Red Claw. But we all can't help it together, right?
  • Cera: Ugh, fine.
  • Chomper: Whoa. Look at this pile of rocks.
  • Cera: They trapped the way out.
  • Birdo: Hey Cera, do you think you can bump into these rocks?
  • Cera: Yes. I know how to bump into rocks. Threehorns alway bump into things! Now let me try. *bump the rocks to open up another path*
  • Petrie: Wow.
  • Ducky: You did it Cera.
  • Cera: I am brave enough to bump those rocks out of our way.
  • Boshi: That was crazy motion.
  • Chomper: Now let's leave before this place get any darker.
  • Ruby: Last one there is a rotten sharpteeth.

(Back on Yoshi and Etta's side)

  • Yoshi: I bet we're not getting out on any point.
  • Etta: Wow, look at the shiny crystals Yoshi.
  • Yoshi: Whoa, i've seen those before.
  • Etta: Don't let your fear down. This is what a bright side of a heart should look like.
  • Yoshi: Should we look for the light?
  • Etta: Yes. Why say so?
  • Yoshi: I thought we were not suppose to look down under fear.
  • Etta: Of course my little buddy. You gotta focus on the light side to find our way out.
  • Yoshi: I'm a brave one. And it's my destiny to get out of this cave.
  • Etta: You said it little buddy. *singing*

When you're stuck in a hole and you don't know where to go

When it's too dark for you to tell your tail from your toe

You wonder which way is wrong and which road is right

The best thing for you to do is just look for the light

  • Yoshi: *enter the crystal place with the crystals glowing*
  • Etta: *fly into the crystal while singing*

Look for the light, one little spark

A little bit of hope to lead you out of the dark

Somewhere deep inside of you, it's shining so bright

All you gotta do is look, you gotta look for the light

  • Yoshi: *wall into the wall area of the cave*
  • Etta: *walk with Yoshi when singing*

If there's a wall, sometimes you bump it

A big ol' rock, you have to jump it

Maybe you're tired, maybe you're scared

But the only thing you have to be

Is be prepared...

  • Yoshi: *enter the light area with shiny stones glowing in the ground*
  • Etta: *grab a few shiny stones while singing*

To look for the light and open your eyes

You never know when you're going to find a surprise

Some things may tickle you, others may bite

So listen to my sister, mister, come on and look for the light

  • Yoshi: Get up and look for the light.
  • Etta: Get up and look for the light.
  • Yoshi: Come on and look for the light.
  • Etta: Ooh, Yoshi, i think we found our way out of this.
  • Yoshi: What is it? The friends area?
  • Etta: No. This cave path leads to something. Follow me.
  • Yoshi: Oh yeah. Let's go.

(Back at Littlefoot's side)

  • Littlefoot: Do you think there's hope within the cave?
  • Ducky: I'm pretty sure we'll find our way out of here.
  • Spike: Uh huh.
  • Chomper: Man, i'm pretty stressed out after we got stuck into that crystal cave.
  • Spike: *look for light*
  • Ducky: Spike, did you see something?
  • Spike: Ahh. *call his friends for light*
  • Littlefoot: I think we found some light. Come on, that must be the way out.
  • Cera: Finally, now we can get some fresh air.

(The entrance blocked the way out with the rock)

  • Littlefoot: Oh no.
  • Birdo: Drat, we can't get out.
  • Boshi: The rocks blocked the only way out. Now we can't leave.
  • Spike: Huh?
  • Chomper: There can only be a way out of this.
  • Birdo: *shoot an egg at the rocks* Nope. Doesn't work.
  • Boshi: *dash by pushing the rocks* They're sticking together. We can't get through.
  • Cera: Don't worry, i got this. *bump the rocks*
  • Ruby: Do it again.
  • Cera: Now it's my turn! *bump the rocks again and push the rocks out for air fresh*
  • Ruby: Whoa.
  • Boshi: It's white, we can't see anything.
  • Littlefoot: No. Look.

(The white fades as the beautiful view of paradise is seen with a beach)

  • Cera: Wow.
  • Boshi: Paradise.
  • Chomper: We finally found it.
  • Birdo: Come on, we found ourselves a beach.
  • Littlefoot: But what about Yoshi and Etta?
  • Birdo: Don't worry about them. They'll make it back on their own. Let's go.
  • Petrie: It's time for some paradise fun!

(Back in Yoshi and Etta's side in the cave path)

  • Yoshi: Almost there.
  • Etta: We are getting closer.
  • Yoshi: I hope we make it on time.
  • Etta: Oh my, i guess it's time.
  • Yoshi: Oh wow. Look.
  • Etta: Just a big boulder blocking the way. Let me push this out of the way. *push the boulder*
  • Yoshi: *push the boulder out*
  • Etta: Alright, now we got some fresh air.
  • Yoshi: Hey look! Paradise and a beach!
  • Etta: We found the light. Let's go and have some fun.
  • Yoshi: I'm getting so excited!

(In the jungle of paradise)

  • Chomper: Oh boy, look at the fruits, the gang should be here by now.
  • Cera: I guess Yoshi and Etta are going to miss all of this fun stuff in paradise.
  • Yoshi: Not so fast!
  • Littlefoot: Yoshi! Etta!
  • Petrie: You all made it here.
  • Etta: Yeah. I am so glad to be with you guys. This is just like a family reunion.
  • Yoshi: We have reunited.
  • Cera: Guess what? We're in paradise!
  • Littlefoot: Look at that.
  • Chomper: We're in a wonderful place.
  • Ruby: Let's go to the beach.
  • Yoshi: Alright.
  • Boshi: It's time to play with the beach.

(The gang arrive at the beach as Littlefoot and Cera play with the sand with Yoshi swimming in the water and catching the fish. Birdo pop some eggs to cook in a campfire.)

  • Birdo: Fresh lunch coming right up.
  • Boshi: *run around the jungle* Yahoooooooooooooooooooo! I'm going to jump like a belly flop! *jump in the water* Oh yeah, swim ba subba.
  • Petrie: *fly with Etta* Whoa, it's a big world out there.
  • Etta: Big Water is shiny like it's the past.
  • Petrie: This is where all the sea dinosaurs live. A lot of friends are ready to shine under the sea.
  • Etta: We found the light and the light is the beach!
  • Chomper: *make a sand cave* Hey Ruby, look what i build.
  • Ruby: A sand cave.
  • Chomper: This is where a dinosaur is going to hide when the bad sharpteeth come into the valley. My parents are giving me hope for a new home.
  • Spike: *eat the green food in the bushes*
  • Ducky: Don't eat all the green food Spike. Save some room for lunch.
  • Spike: *eat the treestar*
  • Ducky: Ugh, i didn't know you found a treestar and it was the rarest treestar around.
  • Yoshi: *splash in the water with Boshi* Gotcha.
  • Boshi: You splash me like the Cheep Cheeps do! *splash Yoshi*
  • Yoshi: One more splash is a rotten Koopa. *splash Boshi*
  • Boshi: Oh, you got me like the baby Goombas with the mommies.
  • Littlefoot: Hey guys, get off the water and Birdo made some fried bubbles for us!
  • Yoshi: Fried bubbles?
  • Boshi: I never seen a fried bubble before. Water is just water and hot water would be the case.
  • Yoshi: It smell like fried eggs! Come on.
  • Boshi: Yummy yummy fried eggs are going in my fast tummy.

(The gang are eating fried eggs with a leaf plate)

  • Spike: *ate the whole egg*
  • Yoshi: Should we eat the leaf?
  • Birdo: Yes. It's a treestar. I cut them out to make them as plates.
  • Yoshi: Oh boy. Treestars! *eat the treestar piece and the fried egg*
  • Ducky: So Spike didn't eat the last treestar.
  • Spike: *burp*
  • Chomper: Oh brother.
  • Etta: This taste good like old style spicy grubs in the leaf piles.
  • Chomper: *eat the egg* Delicious!
  • Cera: It's okay, i guess.
  • Boshi: Delicious!
  • Yoshi: It taste delicious.
  • Birdo: I can pop like 100 eggs a day.
  • Yoshi: Just like a chicken.
  • Chomper: What's a chicken?
  • Yoshi: Nah, not all of you guys know about modern-day animals.
  • Gang: *laughs*
  • Petrie: Me wish i can eat it again.
  • Ruby: Me too.
  • Birdo: The best cooker goes to me. I wish the whole herd can see all of this.



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