In The Bowser Jr Saga: The First Deed, Bowser Jr must collect Power Shrooms for Cranky Kong, for he is in risk for lung cancer.

The StoryEdit

Bowser Jr was taking a walk down a jungle road, and then he hears wheezing and coughing coming from a distance. Bowser Jr runs over to see what happened. Then he sees his dad, Bowser, with Donkey Kong and Crank Kong. "Papa," Bowser Jr asked politely, "But why are you here?" Bowser explains that Cranky Kong has a risk for lung cancer, and could be deceased soon. Bowser instructed the junior to search out Donkey Kong Island for 240 Power Shrooms, and then Cranky Kong could recover. Then, the junior seta off for the quest of a lifetime!


Its similar to Donkey Kong Country Returns. You collect bananas and jump on birds. But when you reach the end of a level, a Goomba pops out of nowhere and gives you the Power Shroom.


Its for the Wii and exclusively for the Nintendo 64.

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