Captain Tobias Tabbitha 
Was the greatest king among Nekonian Space Pirates from Planet Neko, which is somewhere in Good Egg Galaxy . He has a Daughter named Fluffy and a son named Tiger . He used to have wife named Nekonian Governor Fluffina Tabbitha I until the intergalactic war between Neko and Shroob has happened and the Shroob Queen killed his wife with her laser and shroobified Tobias's soul with it. As Tobias was thought dead by the other Nekonians, he was buried alive in a same tomb where Fluffina was buried & Fluffy and Tiger were held for adoption.

Weeks have passed and the a virus in his soul grew stronger, and it turned Tobias into a bleck, a Split-Personality who Tobias has named none other than the Evil Alien Ambassador Tatanga himself, who must've dug and dug and dug out of the grave at midnight. He jumps into Tobias's Pegorasu and Pegorasu 2.0 and jetflies out of the Planet.

He landed into the Planet called Plit (Mushroom Planet) where he was found by Wario and Waluigi . Together, while Wario takes over Marioland Tatanga brainwashed the people in Sarasaland even it's Guardians before kidnapping Princess Daisy . He was thinking that Daisy might be a replacement for Fluffina. Then Mario not only defeated him once above the Chai Kingdom, but twice in the Space Zone .

And like Wario and Daisy, Tatanga was originally designed by Gunpei Yokoi, Shigeru Miyamoto's Mentor.