Super Tick Tock Land is a game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. The game was first leaked by a Pinga Bird magazine scan but was later released later the same year.

Story Edit

T.T. is having a barbecue and invited his parents. The only guest missing is his mother and father. Tuck Lapse calls T.T. and tells him that he kidnapped Daisy and if he wanted to see her again he had to go family's house and get them back. T.T. goes to Sarasaland to rescue his mother and his father but needs to collect 150 power stars to open family's house. After he opens the castle he founds Tuck Lapse and saves his mother and his father. T.T. and his parents return to the barbecue to find out that their house was stolen by Tatanga. To get his house back he needs to travel to space.

P.P. agrees to help him by lending him her observatory but first he needs few more power stars to power it up. His parents becomes a playable character and help him get the power stars. When they power up the observatory they travel to space, battle Tatanga and get the house back.

Ending Edit

His parents gave T.T. a a new present for saving them and T.T. gave his parents a present for helping him get his family's house back. They finally return to the barbecue where they have dinner and celebrate.

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