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Super Smash CD-i is a Mario fan fiction game



  • Mario/Dr. Mario/Paper Mario= -:Big Jump/Side:Bom-Omb/Up:Mushroom Thorw/Down:F.L.U.D.D./Final Smash:Mario Kart: Double Dash 2!!
  • Link/Dedu Link/Sword-o Link/Mah Boi= -:Bombs/Up:Otirik/Final Smash:The Pit (You will BURN)
  • Luigi/Mr. L/Weegee/Mama Luigi= Side:Lotsa spaghetti Jump/Down:The Laser/Final Smash:Weegee Time/Bagel Song/Brobot/Negative Zone
  • Pokemon Trainer (Pearl)= Glistor, Darkrai, & Shaymin/Final Smash:Super Ray
  • Peach= -:Toad Toss/Up:Perry/Final Smash:Toad Army
  • Bowser= -:Laugh/Side:Firebreath/Final Smash:Giga Bowser




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