Seth: Don't worry, we got this.

The three of us enter and see what seems to be millions of asteroids. Each having some kind of scenery or type of land.

Sirus: Do we really have to go to each asteroid and take out the troops there?

I look around as Sirus goes on more. Thats when I see a star cruiser flying in. At the tip wasa small koopa figure. It chuckled and went back in.

Seth: There! If we can take whoever that is out then I think these guys will leave. Come on, let's go!

The swim through space, jumping and flipping of asteroids. Koopa paratroopas fly around it.

Sirus: How do we get in?

Rosalina: There! That anchor! We have to get to it before it retracts in all the way!

We move quick and get on the anchor. It pulls us up and in. I go down the corridor and look both left and right.

Seth: Okay let's split up and find this person and take them out. Rosalina, you're with-

Sirus: Rosalina's with me. Good luck Seth!


I run down to the right, opposite of where Sirus and Rosalina went. I jump on platforms that prevent me from falling into inferno. I get to the other side and look left and right. No sign of troops. I charge forward and into a elevator. It closes and goes up.

Seth: 'Damn Sirus! Will you ever let me have a girlfriend! This has to be the ninth time you have done that! A cute or hot girl comes up and just before I can make a move! GAH! *Sigh* You don't even hang on to them for long and when you let them go and I get to them, they don't wanna meet me because your my friends and you live with me...*sigh*...I'm so screwed...'

The door opens and koopas look at me. I run forward and slash at them. They go fling at walls and bouncing around.

Sirus grabs her hand and runs in the

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