Seth-Hey Sirus, do I really need to get that star?

Sirus-I don't know. That girl wants it. So I guess so.

Seth-We are now official plumbers, how come we don't get hard awesome task, like Mario and Luigi?

Sirus-Hey, you do remember that we are Gray Star Rank? Mario and Luigi are Super Star Rank.

Seth-*sigh* I guess so. Well lets finish this.

I pull out my Hammer, and hit the tree. The star flies out and into Sirus's hand.

Sirus-Here you go little girl.

Girl-Thank you. Here is 10 coins.

Sirus-Umm, thank you?

Seth-Wow, 10 coins. That will get us far.

Sirus-*sigh* Thats not even enough to get us back to the castle. There is noway we are paying rent.

Seth-If we hold it off one more time, Peach is gonna go freak out. We need more money. It is good that we don't have to pay until next month.

Sirus-Yeah, but where already up to 500 coins. We barely got enough for a day.

Seth-Well, you know what that means.

Sirus and Seth-*sigh* More easy low pay task. *sigh*

Chapter 1. Star-A-FactsEdit

Chapter 2. To The Gate In SpaceEdit