Super Pauline: when her Adventure begins. . . is the Upcoming game definitely for the Wii, The N3DS and the Wii U.


Prologue: The Adventure Has Begun. . .Edit

After Pauline has writing her Blog on the internet  about her childhood and her past based the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong series and her discussion with her Therapist Dr. Oswald Spikelton, she a givent a note from the Pokeball federation and  is about to go on the adventure and since her mother was worried about her getting hurt like her father did she begged Pauline to make a promise not to nearly end her game like her father did. She did promise and after talking with Princess Peach at the castle over it over tea, she permits Pauline to enter there to rescue  First Pete Chu from the "Evil" to be chairwoman of the Deoxys Clan, who was not actually Evil but the last survivor of her race who is tricked into into abduction by a mad canine dictator.

Samueloakingdom D.C., Pokeball FederationEdit

And when along with her husband Josh Bauldwin and his son Andy that the Plane called the "Flying Wiggler" arrived at the Pokeball Federation (which is a presidential colony in the Mushroom State) and she discovers a young 18-year-old Charmeleon who is been encounterd by the Deoxys Clan Members, General Blaster the Blastoid, Agent Warren the Wartortle Troopa and Private Squirtgun the Squirtle Troopa. The battle begins, and After Pauline defeated them The Charmeleon introduced that her name is Sara Draft  (which is a parodied character of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. After Pauline who finally met  Pauline's Father Dr. Paul Daniels who (despite Arlene's opinions) isn't  dead (though he was until the 1-Up Mushroom revived him) and her sister Charline and nephew Paulie (who is engaged to Sara), after that he taught her and Sara to train for battle. When they left they found an unconscious teenager who thought she was Durian Striker, then the Electrode-patterned Bob-Omb woth Hands named Dr. E. Lectrode telling Pauline and Sara about the abuse she recieved from the stepmother in the future. Then Lectrode carries the Unconscious female teen and carries her back to Lectrode Manor, which is a floating Cruiser. After that the spy working for the VULDOUR HQ named Gas Arbok (who is a parodied character of Solid Snake of Metal Gear Series, along with VULDOUR being a Parodied Government of FOXHOUND.), then they meet General Roy Campbelltwo (Parodied off of Colonel Cambell), President Ray Chu, Lady Peeka Chu, Colonel Furious Nick the green Birdo (He is acually Parodied off of Nick Fury the Colonel of SHIELD in the Avengers) Magneton the Chameleon (Parody of Otocon) ans Senator George Bushtwo (Parody of President George Bush) telling them about how the kidnapping has happened. after Peach and Toadsworth walked out bummed knowing that Chameleons are on the endangered species and she should apologise to the misunderstood Fancis the Nerd in the Dimension Portal in the Warp Desert called the  Bitlands. Oh and uh. . . Pauline alo recieves two Caterpiggler Bus tickets and the map which two halfs of each Star Diamond (seven of each are in 15 Pokeballish States. And when they were about the Caterpiggler Bus depot, The robbing Boulder Bro (which is a Golem, not a Turtle) was about  to rob both Sara and Pauline but after they defeated the Robber they  entered the Caterpiggler Bus driven by an Aipom troopa (Aipom, not turtle) Bus Driver they rescued from the Robber, Sara and Pauline paid the driver two tickets to the Bitlands in the Portal of Warp Desert. after they sit down  and buckle their seat belts the driver drives the bus of the Pokeball Federation state capital. . .

Cutscene 1: Furious PokemonEdit

Deoxino ManorEdit

Dr. Houndoom, His son Hector and his wife Lucillia (known by code name as "Lucifer"), turned out to have blackmailed the to-be Chairwoman of the Deoxys Klan Darline Deoxino to Kidnap the First son of the Pokeball Federation (meaning that Darline isn't evil after all) and now have celebrated the kidnapping with his minions, Dr. Dick Tator, Psycho Scyzor , Commander B and the Others. But then Bowser's Hologram appeared telling them about the other plan that better not fail. Dr. Houndoom then informs Dr. Tator to summon Dr. Eggman . But when Tator paused when he tries to explain about Eggman, Dr. Houndoom scolds that he doesn't care if how Tator ends the sentence then again tells Dick Tator to summon eggman or it'll cost him his paycheck. When Tator dashed to find Eggman. Houndoom Waits.

Hours Later, Dr. Eggman, Shadaisy, Orbot and Cubot arrive at Houndoom's location, when he asked Dr. Houndoom what he wants Dr. Houndoom Commands him and his robots to find the Pieces to the Star Diamonds before Pauline does. As they accepted they left. He then says to himself that he loathes Pauline.

More Chapters will be coming soon


  • Super Mushroom: Super Pauline, unlike regular Pauline, can hit bricked blocks when she jumps towards them.
  • Mega Mushroom: Giant Pauline can crush enemies with one touch.
  • Mini Mushroom: Tiny Pauline can enter small warp pipes that normal Pauline can't enter.
  • Cat Bell: Cat Pauline can climb on walls.
  • 1-Up Mushroom: Gives Pauline an extra life
  • Penguin Suit:Penguin Pauline can slide down hills to attack the enemies or toss Iceballs at them.
  • Thunder Flower: Thunder Pauline can blast sparks at the enemies.
  • Pok'e Flower: Poke Pauline can toss Pokeballs to catch enemies like wild non-anthropomorphic Pokemon.
  • Fire Flower: Fire Pauline can blast pink fireballs at an enemy.
  • Super Flower: Like in Super Marioland, Superball Pauline can blast Superballs at the enemy.
  • Ice Flower: Enables Ice Pauline to freeze enemies with Ice Balls.
  • Boomerang Flower: Boomerang Pauline will toss Boomerangs at the Enemies.
  • Hammer Flower: Enables Hammer attack enemies who she can't normally attack.
  • Frog Suit: Frog Pauline can swim directly underwater
  • Tanooki Leaf: Husski Pauline can fly to reach higher than what Pauline reach's normally.
  • Yoshi Egg: When the egg is hatched, feed the baby Yoshi some enemies before it grows, ride on it and yoshi will help you out by gobbling the enemies  in your way.
  • Gargoshi Statue: Gargoshis are the Subspecies of and the same as Yoshi, only that it can also fly to the higher  Places when you ride on them.
  • Dracoshi Egg: Dracoshis are the same as both Gargoshis, but they can also blast fireballs at the enemies.
  • Gao Cage: Unlike in Super Marioland, the Gaos were not enemies, so they can give you a hand and blast fireballs at the enemies..
  • Nekoshi Egg: Nekoshi are cousins of and the same as Yoshis a Gargoshis, only that they are not Dinosaurs, but three Tailed sabertoothed Cats with speed shoes so they are faster than Yoshis.
  • Birdo Egg: When you ride on a birdo it can blast eggs at the enemies instead of eating them.
  • Super Leaf: Wolf Pauline is the same as Tanooki Pauline. The P Version is gold with the P on it.
  • Hedgehog Shoes: Hedgehog Pauline can use Homing Attack, Spin Dash, and spin charge, it enables her to run faster than a Nekoshi.
  • Vampire Candy: Vampire Pauline will Suck the HP out of Enemies until the the sun come so it's limited.
  • Rainbow Mushroom: Rainbow Pauline will destroy enemies in her path while using the Rainbow Sword.

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