Super Mario World DSEdit

Super Mario World DS is a Nintendo DS version of Super Mario World it has been relesed 2005.


Peach has start an festival in her castle. And later the light turns off and when the lights turns on again are Peach missing. Mario & Luigi must team up to save her.

World 1 Yoshi´s IslandEdit

Yoshi´s Island 1

Yoshi"s Island 2

Yoshi"s Island Fortress

Yoshi"s Island 3

Yoshi"s Island 4

Iggy´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Blue Switch Palace

World 2 Donut LandEdit

Donut Plains 1

Donut Plains 2

Dount Plains 3

Donut Plains Ghost House

Donut Plains 4

Donut Bridge

Wendy´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Donut Plains Secret Area

World 3 Forest Of IlusionEdit

Forest Of Ilusion 1

Forest Of Ilusion 2

Forest Of Ilusion Ghost House

Forest Of Ilusion 3

Forest Of Ilusion 4

Forest Of Ilusion Fortress

Forest Of Ilusion 5

Roy´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Green Switch Palace

World 4 Chocolate IslandEdit

Choco Island 1

Choco Island 2

Choco Island Fortress 1

Choco Island 3

Choco Island Ghost House

Choco Island 4

Choco Island 5

Choco Island Fortress 2

Morton´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Choco Island Bonus Area 1

Choco Island Bonus Area 2

World 5 Vanilla DomeEdit

Sunken Ghost Ship

Vanilla Dome 1

Vanilla Dome 2

Vanilla Dome Ghost House

Vanilla Dome 3

Dome Lake

Vanilla Dome Fortress

Vanilla Dome 4

Vanilla Dome 5

Ludwig´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Red Switch Palace

Vanilla Dome Bonus Area

World 6 Gray CavernsEdit

Gray Caverns 1

Gray Caverns 2

Gray Caverns Ghost House 1

Black Lake

Gray Caverns 3

Gray Caverns Fortress

Gray Caverns 4

Gray Caverns Ghost House 2

Gray Caverns 5

Lemmy´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Gray Caverns Secret Area 1

Gray Caverns Secret Area 2

Gray Caverns Secret Area 3

World 7 Valley Of BowserEdit

Airship Fortress

Valley Fortress 1

Valley Of Bowser 1

Valley Of Bowser 2

Valley Ghost House

Valley Of Bowser 3

Larry´s Castle

Valley Of Bowser 4

Valley Of Bowser 5

Valley Fortress 2

Bowser Jr´s Airship Encouver

Bowser´s Castle

Bonus PartsEdit

Yellow Switch Palace

Valley Bonus Area 1

Valley Bonus Area 2

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