Super Mario Region 2 is an upcoming video game slated to be released in 2012. When Bowser attacks the nations outlying the Mushroom Kingdom, the BeanBean Kingdom, Isle Delfino, Sarasaland, and Subcon, Mario, Luigi, and 2 others go to stop it. They also have the help of Governor Pianta, Daisy, and Birdo, in some places. There is a rumored sequel.


There are 5 worlds now. They are the 4 places listed above, and Airship Factory Island. There is also more than 1 boss. (there are 8 now)


All of Super Mario Region's.

Upgrade ShopEdit

The upgrade shop has 2 new items, the Metal Mushroom (unlockable after World 2) and the Shell Mushroom (default).

Selectable CharactersEdit

In this game, Mailtoad saves your progress.



  • Bowser=Defeat him in World 5-10.

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