Super Mario Region is a video game that was released on December 23, 2010. It is about the Piranha Plants taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, so Mario, Luigi, Green Toad, and Blue Toad go to stop it. It will have a sequel.


You must go through 3 worlds in order to finish the game. A regular one, a forest one, and an underground one. Your main weapon in this game is fireballs.Shooting Piranha Plants in the stem or roots once will kill them. On World 3-8, you face Petey Piranha as the boss of the game.


  • Secret Exits=You must find a secret exit before your enemy does.
  • Secret People=You must find a hidden person before your enemy does.
  • Coin Runners=You can battle for coins in levels you have unlocked already here.

Upgrade ShopEdit

In the Upgrade Shop, you can buy new suits, like the Ice Flower, Super Mushroom, and Rainbow Mushroom. Here is a list with everything in the shop.



Hidden CharactersEdit

When you find these people, you can play as them. (NOTE: YOU CANNOT FIND THESE PEOPLE IN COIN RUNNERS MODE.)

  • Toad=Find him in World 1-1.
  • Peach=Find her in World 1-9.
  • Wario=Find him in World 3-2.

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