In Super Mario Moonlight, The Mario Bros. and The Wario Bros. Travel to Isle. Delfino, only to find it taken over by King Boo. The toads were turned into Mindless zombies. The akward family goes to collect all 6 of the Sun Stones, Pieces to the sun, which King Boo shattered. The hub world ,also ridden with Boos & Dark Toads, is Delfino Square. You walk through the Plaza to Access worlds, Dangerous Parts of the Island With Multiple objetives, Finalied By a Gohst-Related Boss, Such as Bouldergeist, Or Big Boo. You can Also ride Yoshi or birdo, Depending on your Character. The only way to Clean dark toads is to use F.L.U.D.D 's Spray nozzle, an the only way to kill some boos is the Light nozze.

World 1: the Beach

World 2: The Desert

World 3: The Mountain

World 4: The Ocean

World 5: the Island

World 6: the Mansion

Enemies: Boos, Dark toads, Bomb Boos, Dry Bones, Wet Bones, octoboos, Spiders, Pumkin Goombas, Swoopers, ect.

Bosses: Big boo, Bouldergeist, The Spooky Speedster, Dry Bowser, Shadow Spirit, King Boo.

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