This is a made-up game from P&F Games Inc.. Whoever you are, YOU MAY EDIT!!

Super Mario Kart DS is yet another exciting Mario racing game for the DS. Cups are strangely the same from Mario Kart DS, but with addition of Tower Cup and Berry Cup. Two un-Mario characters, James Shin Hoo, and Billy Hatcher make guest appearances. All characters are also the same, but there are the same items for Mario Kart Wii, featuring Double Item Boxes and the "new" Thunder Flower and Coin Coffer.

Modes Edit

Modes are excatly the same, but there in Grand Prix and VS, includes Double Dash, why involves two players on a vehicle. This are available, when you win Banana Cup in every class (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror). A new battle mode, Nab Thieves are added to Battle Mode, along with Level 8 of Missions.

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