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Super Mario Journey is a Mario platformer created by P&F Games Inc. for the Nintendo Switch. In this game, Mario travels across the world to rescue his friends and restore happiness in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Story Edit

Mario and his friends are relaxing on a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Suddenly, Bowser and Bowser Jr. show up to ruin everyone's nice day. Mario and friends try to stop them, but of course Bowser is backed up by some of his minions. Kamek, along with some Paratroopas, capture Mario's friends and send them off into a pipe, with no idea where it leads to. Bowser and his minions hop in, and Mario follows them in. To his surprise, it leads him into a world he's never explored before. He looks around to find himself in a giant city. Flashing lights everywhere, hot dog vendors littered, and lots of traffic. Mario decides to explore this new city.

Characters Edit

Character Description
Mario The Mushroom Kingdom's fabled hero whose saved the galaxies, restored the castle's power, and rescued the Sprixie Princesses. In his new adventure, Mario travels across familiar locations on Earth to save his friends.
Luigi Mario's faithful brother who has an obvious fear of ghosts. Luigi can be found trapped inside the Empire State Building inside a painting. Luigi can perform jumps that are higher than Mario's.
Peach The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom who is known to have a parasol named Perry. Peach is awaiting for you inside the White House under Bowser's control. Peach can take time to float for a little bit in midair with her dress.
Toad Peach's trusty assistant and a well-known face around the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad can be seen around the world as an aid to Mario's adventure. He can also be seen atop the Great Pyramids of Giza. Toad can run faster than most characters.
Bowser Mario's arch-nemesis whose committed several foul deeds such as taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and controlling the cosmos. He is the main villain of this quest and somehow gains power in the White House.
Bowser Jr. Bowser's son who has been known to be Shadow Mario. You will encounter this pipsqueak in a boss fight or two, just be sure to watch out for that Koopa Clown Car of his.
Yoshi One of Mario's trusty friends since 1991. Yoshi can be found in the outskirts of England near Stonehenge. Yoshi can flutter jump in the air for a brief moment and also gobble up fruits to reward himself with power-ups or coins.
Toadette Toad's female companion who has stuck by him through thick and thin. Toadette is located somewhere along the lengths of the Great Wall of China. Toadette is able to run faster than Mario, and also use her braids for some air time.
Donkey Kong The big, furry ape who protects DK Jungle and loves his bananas. Donkey Kong can be found trying to make a home in the Amazon. Donkey Kong can use his special ground pound to unlock objects Mario can't receive.
Daisy Princess of the Sarsaland Kingdom and seems to have affection towards Luigi. Daisy is located within Mexico City. Daisy can use her dress much like Peach to give herself flotation in the air for a brief moment.
Rosalina The princess who watches over the cosmos in her Comet Observatory. Rosalina is rumored to be found in the Outback. Rosalina can use a spin attack, float with her dress, and also use a Luma for support.

Stages Edit

Mario uses Propeller Toad Air to get from place to place. The game plays like a sandbox game. There are a total of 16 places Mario can visit, each with 10 missions to complete.

Stage Mission List Boss
New York City
  • New York, New Adventure
  • Taxi, Taxi!
  • The Great Vendor Chase
  • Atop the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Wario's Gambling Game
  • Traffic Patrol
  • Mario's Broadway Debut
  • Robbers on Wall St.
  • Luigi in the Empire State Building
  • Reign of the Marshmallow Monster
Marshmallow Monster
  • Across the Plains
  • Secret of the Mushroom Tavern
  • Birdo's Folk Songs
  • Sausage Festival Scares
  • Blue Coins in the Alps
  • Avalanche!
  • Autobon vs. Koopa the Quick
  • The Great Chocolate Caper
  • Tuba Troubles
  • Das Is No Gut!
Das Koopa
  • A Very Heated Competition
  • Pharaoh's Secret
  • Toad on the Pyramids
  • Camel Ride Chaos
  • A Promised Land
  • Cosmic Clones in the Nile
  • Mirage Madness
  • Propeller Mario Takes Off!
  • Sand Storm Surprise
  • Pyramid Scheme
Pyramid Scheme
Washington, D.C.