Super Mario Galaxy 5 is the fifth Super Mario Galaxy game and the seventh game in the 3D platformer series. Just like the other games, this game takes place in space. It keeps a similar format to Super Mario Galaxy 2 where there are different worlds with several galaxies each. One new element in this game is the addition of two new playable characters, Bowser and Yoshi. It is not released yet, so not all the information on it is available.


The game begins with the early arrival of the comet observatorey, and the begining of the star festival. Mario heads over to Peach's Castle and finds Bowser attacking the kingdom. Mario, before he can make it to the castle, finds himself swooped up by a bunch of Lumas who take him to the comet observatory. The observatory then turn into its comet form, and flies off.

Along its flight, one of Bowser's ariship collides with the observatorey, and causes all the power to be drained. All of the power stars are drained into the airship. Mario also gets knocked ontop the airship. The gorup of airships is a "makeshift galaxy" known as the Airship Realm. After completeing the level, which is called Grand Star in the Airship Filled Sky, the "galaxy" can only be accesses by a launch star at the very front of the observatorey.

When Mario gets back to the observatorey, he talks to Rosalina, who says that the obsevatory can fly, but needs a ceratin amount of stars to keep going farther. She says that all the galaxies are arranged in groups near each other, and they can fly near the groups when they locate them, but the galaxies have locks on them put by Bowser, so they need a certain amount of power stars to take them off.


No WorldEdit

Airship RealmEdit

0 Stars

World 1Edit

Peanut Butter GalaxyEdit

1 Star

Mecha Tech GalaxyEdit

3 Stars

Chroma Blast GalaxyEdit

4 Stars

Flamin' Jalepeno Galaxy 6 Stars

High Note GalaxyEdit

9 Stars

Bowser Jr.'s Element ReactorEdit

10 Stars

Soft Serve Galaxy*Edit

8 Stars, 450 Star Bits


Paint MarioEdit

Needs Paint Mushroom


Chroma Blast Galaxy

Rainbow Arch Galaxy

Fire FlowerEdit

Needs Fire Flower


Freezer Burn Galaxy

Flower Plains Galaxy

Ice FlowerEdit

Needs Ice Flower


Freezer Burn Planet

Flower Plains Galaxy

Rock MarioEdit

Needs Rock Mushroom


Rokcy Mountian Galaxy

Bomb MarioEdit

Needs Bob-omb Mushroom


Bowser Jr.'s Bob-omb Palace

Shell MarioEdit

Needs Blue Shell


Bowser's Koopa Troopa Realm

Cloud MarioEdit

Needs Cloud Flower


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