Super Mario Galaxy 4is an upcoming game for the 3DS.

World 1

Grassy Garden Galax

Melty Mountain galaxy

Gouhlish Galaxy

Kamek's Dark Matter Plant

World 2

Juggernaut Galaxy

Gobblegut's Dragon Cave

Sandy 'Shroom Galaxy

King Boo's Graveyard Galaxy

World 3

Icy Ocean Galaxy

Toxic Swamp Galaxy

Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Wart's palace on Subcon

World 4

Nectar Nebula Galaxy

Morbid Mines Galaxy

Rainy Rows Galaxy

Tatanga's Castle

World 5

Clockwork Galaxy

Fire and Ice Galaxy

Shadow Shallows Galaxy

Petey Pirhanna's Entanglement

World 6

Ginormous Galaxy

Whammer Hammer Galaxy

Airship Aramada Galaxy

Whomp King's Thwomp Romp

World 7

Big Boss Galaxy

TNT Galaxy

Crazy Clown Galaxy

Bowser Jr.'s Drill Hill

World 8

Under Construction Galaxy

Galaxy X

Reactor Core Galaxxy

Bowser's Cannontop Battle

More to Come!

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