Super Mario Galaxy 3:Bros! is a game made by ML&ST Inc.


Bowser and the koopalings kidnap Peach and go to space so Mario and Luigi team up to save her


Under Construction

World 1:

Grassy Grounds Galaxy

Wild Water Galaxy

Magno Zone Galaxy

Rubbery Ride Galaxy

Super Slide Galaxy

Tiny Twister Galaxy

Icy Dicey Galaxy

Larry Koopa's Pillar Shiftar

World 2

Dusty Ditch Galaxy

Whirling Sandstorm Galaxy

Rusty Road Galaxy

Super Sand Galaxy

Terrible Treks Galaxy

Sandy Slide Galaxy

Sands of Doom Galaxy

Morton Koopa Jr's Desert Drainer

World 3

Penguin Peril Galaxy

Freezy Crystal Galaxy

Slippery Slide Galaxy

Snowy Slope Galaxy

Mountain Mission Galaxy

Icy Igloos Galaxy

Penguin King Palace Galaxy

Wendy O' Koopa's Icy Ocean Overload

World 4








New Power Ups

Mole Suit

Thunder Flower

Clone Flower

Rubber Mushroom

Cannonball Mushroom

Bullet Shroom

Ball Apple (Yoshi)

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