Super Mario Galaxy 3

Teaser poster

Super Mario Galaxy 3 is an upcoming game for the Wii made by Nintendo Inc. It will be the first Mario 3D Series game ever to feature Daisy, Birdo, Waluigi and DK as playable characters and the first game to let player 2 play as a enemy (Dry Bones).



MARIO: From the beginning.

LUIGI: After you save him from Spook Spook Galaxy

YOSHI: After you save him from Yoshi Egg Galaxy

WARIO: After you save him from Wario Stadium Galaxy.

WALUIGI: After you save him from Turvy-Topsy Galaxy.

DONKEY KONG: After you save him from DK’s Lost Galaxy.

DAISY: After you save her from Flower Bloom Galaxy.

BIRDO: After you save her from Yoshi Egg Galaxy in a secret level.


ORANGE LUMA: From the beginning.

BABY MARIO: From the beginning.

BABY LUIGI: After player one rescues Luigi from Spook Spook Galaxy.

TOAD: After player one helps the Toad Brigade return from Honey Blossom Galaxy.

DRY BONES: After player one defeats Giant Dark Bones in Dry Dry Desert Galaxy.

TOAD BRIGADE CAPTIAN: After player one saves him from Mushroom Mountain Galaxy.

GEARMO: After player one helps a Gearmo get a pet Luma in Space Trash Galaxy.

DIDDY KONG: After player one rescues DK from DK’s Lost Galaxy.

THE CHIMP: After player one completes all of the Chimp’s six challenges.


Silver Star

Power Star

Grand Star

Winged Star




Cloud Flower

Fire Flower

Ice Flower

1-Up Mushroom

Health Mushroom

Bee Mushroom

Boo Mushroom

Illusion Mushroom

Metal Mushroom


Propeller Mushroom

Rock Mushroom

Spring Mushroom

Super Mushroom

Blimp Fruit

Dash Pepper

Bulb Berry

Penguin Suit

Rainbow Star

Wing Star


Princess Peach once again invites Mario to her castle and says a special surprise awaits him... Mario travels to the castle, only to find that Bowser and his minions have captured her, along with many other friends and even foes! Then Luma appears, telling Mario that the castle really isn't there and that the letter was really to lure Mario into a trap! A bright flash of light engulfs Mario and Luma, and they are teleported to the Combination of the Past Galaxy. Luma tells Mario this is a very strange galaxy, as it seems to be two galaxies in one! They find a Grand Star at the very center, where they are teleported to Luma Galaxy, the "hub" area of the game. A new adventure is about to unfold...



Combination of the Past Galaxy

A Blast From the Past

(((NOTE: The "Combination of the Past Galaxy" cannot be visited again until all stars have been collected, all secret areas are visited/completed, all enemies discovered, have at least 7,000 Star Bits, have over 40 lives, and the completion of the game. You can keep playing after the final boss is defeated, then go to the most distant planet in the Luma Galaxy. There is a new dome there, labled "???". Inside is only one galaxy, the Combination of the Past Galaxy.)))


Sky High Galaxy

Soaring In The Sky

Chasing Down The Sky Bullies

Big Bad Lakitu

The Secret Sky Station (Secret)

Treetop Galaxy

To The Tip Top Of The Big Tree

Spooky Invaders

The Treetop Temple

The Silver Stars Of Treetop

Honey Blossom Galaxy (Extra)

The Sacred Mushrooms Of The Bees

The Chimp’s Spin Challenge (Secret)

Bowser Jr’s Ice Reactor

The Frozen Fortress


Thunder Falls Galaxy

The Cloudy Forecast

The Underwater Cavern

Spook Spook Galaxy

Luigi And The Haunted House

King Boo’s Secret Tower

Spider Patrol

The Return Of King Boo

Down Below The Mansion (Secret)

Flip Pad Galaxy (Extra)

Flipping Down The Road Of Pads

Giant Garden Galaxy

Huge Danger With Giant Goombas

The Secret Thwomp Island (Secret)

Bowser’s Airborne Armada

Infiltrating The Airships


Yoshi Egg Galaxy

Yoshi And The Return Of Fiery Dino Piranha

The Fast-Running Dash Pepper

Beneath The Volcano (Secret)

The Chimp’s Speed Challenge

Birdo And The Return Of Gobblegut (Secret)

Toxic Fumes Galaxy (Extra)

Through The Toxic Wasteland

Penguin Shore Galaxy

The Perilous Penguin Problem

The Great Penguin Race

The Undersea City

Melty Magma Galaxy

The Magical Magma Ocean

The Return Of Fire Gobblegut

Bowser Jr’s Fire Reactor

The Fiery Castle


Dry Dry Desert Galaxy

Through The Pools Of Quicksand

Confronting The Giant Dark Bones

Up To The Top Of The Pyramid

Sandy’s Sandy Sinkhole

Icile Mountain Galaxy

To The Top Of Icile Mountain

A Brush With Baron Burn

Space Trash Galaxy

Rocking Down Rolling Road

Terminating The Trash Titan

The Chimp’s Roll Challenge (Secret)

Flower Bloom Galaxy

Daisy And The Return Of Peewee Piranha

Dry Dry Patrol

A Race Through Daisy Plaza

Bowser’s Poisonous Plantation

To The Top Of The Toxic Tower


Sand Swirl Galaxy (Extra)

Picking A Favorite Treat

Wario Stadium Galaxy

King Kaliente

Mega Leg


King Fin


Dino Piranha



Prince Pikanti

Giant Bowser

Starshine Mountains Galaxy

Below The Starshine Mountains

Bowser Jr’s Mist Reactor

Through The Fogs Of Darkness


Sunshine Shores Galaxy

The Undersea Castle

Storming The Sunshine Starship

Mushroom Mountain Galaxy

Rescue The Toad Brigade Captain

The Chimp’s Cloudy Challenge (Secret)

Super Gigantic Galaxy (Extra)

A Huge Problem With Giant Piranha Plants

Over-sized Enemy Battalion

Trick Tower Galaxy

The Tall And Tricky Tower

Silver Stars In The Tricky Tower

Bowser’s Burning Star

The Fiery Festival


Boo Beach Galaxy

The Airborne Fortress

Beating The Big Bad Boos

Topsy-Turvy Galaxy

Waluigi And The Topsy-Turvy Topman

Coral Cove Galaxy

The Crumbling Coral Cavern

A Walk On The Snowy Side

Bowser Jr’s Shadow Reactor

The Shadowy Star


DK’s Lost Galaxy

Discovering The Long Lost Land

Donkey Kong And The Abandon Mine

Diddy Kong And The Return Of Mega Leg

Dixie Kong And The Revenge Of The Topman Tribe

Funky Kong And The Secret Island

Bowser’s Secret Jungle Reactor


Wing Time Galaxy

Let’s Wing It

Battle-Fortress Galaxy

Infiltrating The Fortress

To the Core of the Fortress

The Chimp’s Dodge Challenge (Secret)

Stormy Mountain Galaxy

Through The Thunderstorm


Cloud Castle Galaxy

To The Top Of The Tallest Tower

The Chimp’s Wall-Jumping Challenge (Secret)

Dive Deep Galaxy

Diving Down Into The Dark Depths Of The Deep

Bowser’s Universal Reactor

The Fate Of All There Is


Grand Goomba Galaxy

Down The Goomba Boardwalk

The Island Out At Sea

Goomba Invasion

Shy Guy Shore Galaxy

Ray Surfing Down Shy Guy Shore

Rainbow Galaxy

Riding Down Rainbow Road

Ultima Galaxy (Extra)

A Great Challenge

Mad Bosses

The Final Trial (Secret)

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