Super Mario Escapade is the sequel to Super Mario Odyssey that's coming in 2017. The gameplay is similar to Super Mario Galaxy and Odyssey. The story is when Bowser gets his claws on the world, and it's up for Mario and a small band of freedom fighters to stop the Koopa King.

Story Edit


Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower

Villains Edit

  • Bowser
  • Bowser Junior
  • Kamek
  • Koopalings
  • Hard Boiled Heavies & the Hard Boiled Hodgepodge

Kingdoms Edit

World #/Name Description Enemies Bosses
World 1: Mushroom Neigborhood A generic first world setting, a grassy field, home to Toads. Not far from Princess Peach's Castle's grounds, Mushroom Neighborhood, contains grassy fields, teal hills, a white bridge, shimmering lakes, and fluffy clouds in the shining sun. It's the safest place in the Mushroom Kingdom, with an occasional Goomba or Bob-Omb running around. But ever since Bowser took over, he dispatched a team of Goombas and Bob-Ombs, who are destroying and harassing the place. Toad Houses are common here, as they give Mario facts, and tips about the game.
  • Goomba
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Shy Guy
  • Bob-Omb
  • Hammer Bro.
  • Goomboss
  • Larry
World 2: Sizzling Savannah A large desert located in the outskirts of Peach's Castle's grounds. The savannah is a hot, arid landscape, full of sandy canyons, pyramids, cacti, tornadoes, and oases. A town is located in the west, home to cacti creatures called Sizzlers, who pep up locals by shaking their maracas, and strumming guitars. Ever since Bowser took over, he flooded the desert, turning it into giant oasis. Mario must go into the pyramid, to stop Mummipokey, the mastermind behind the flooding in the region.
  • Dry Bone
  • Spike
  • Pokey
  • Sandmaargh
  • Gao
  • Mummipokey
  • Morton
World 3: Wild Woods A large forested area located in the north of the Mushroom Kingdom. The world is divided into two parts. One is a calm, quiet forest, tangled in Piranha Plants. It's also covered in a sea of poisonous water. Locals are bug-creaters called Woodies. The second part is located deeper in the woods, with Bowser's pollution sites burning up the trees, led by the Wiggler King who is hiding in a burrow in the head factory. There's an extra portion, located in a haunted wasteland, home to Boos. It is connected to the sixth world.
  • Piranha Plant
  • Scuttlebug
  • Wiggler
  • Uproot
  • Sherm
  • Petey Piranha
  • Roy
World 4: Shimmer Isle Shimmer Isle is a archipelago of islands, home to giant fruits, like watermelons, bananas, and coconuts. An oceanside village is located in the east, where Shimmerians: crab-like creatures. The oceanside resort is known for events, like beach volleyball, and surfing. After leaving the dock, you'll have to enter a deep trench, where cruise-ships, dead fish, and dark underwater caverns. Kingfin rules this area, waiting for his next victim (even though he's just bones).
  • Cheep-Cheep
  • Blooper
  • Maw-Ray
  • Blooper
  • Gushen
  • Gooper Blooper
  • Wendy
World 5: Frostbite Floe A cold and snowy world, covered in a pine-tree forest, and snow-capped indigo mountains. The place takes place at a constellation-filled night, with dancing auroras. The ice land, is home to a Christmas-themed village, home to snowmen-creatures. After exiting the town, there will be a tall mountain, home to a palace, made entirely of crystal, where the Crystal King resides. Nasty blizzards, and hailstorms are common on the summit. After the threats are cleared out, you can slide on an icy slide, and help a penguin find her son.
  • Ice Bro.
  • Snow Pokey
  • Cooligan
  • Bitefrost
  • Ty-Foo
  • Baron Brr
  • Lemmy
World 6: Eerie Estate A haunted forest-themed level, where they are many dead trees, tricks, traps, and many of Boos. A enormous ghost mansion stands on top over an poisonous moat, near a graveyard. The ghost mansion is very dangerous home to paranormal things like floating furniture, giant pianos, and Boos following you throughout the mansion. The while place serves as a maze, so Mario must find the right way to get out of the forest & mansion. Professor E. Gadd set up a base in the forest, that gives Mario a new weapon: The Polter-Gust 10000.
  • Boo
  • Broozer
  • Fang
  • Splunkin
  • Scaredy Rat
  • Bouldergeist
  • Ludwig
World 7: Rock-Candy/Stone Mountains A mountainous world, with tall pillar canyons, cliffs, boulders, caverns, and ravines. However, this world is occupied by many military bases, littering the map with Bullet Bill cannons, Undergrunt Gunner tanks, and trenches with Sledge Bro. soldiers. The main headquarters of the Koopa Troop side is at the World 7/8 border, where the Whomp King resides. A small team of Toads (led by Captain Toad) are trying to take down the empire, to shut down the major military base, to make Bowser at a major disadvantage. Mario must destroy all the tanks, airships, and military bases to get to the Whomp King.
  • Thwomp
  • Whomp
  • Monty Mole
  • Bullet Bill
  • Sledge Bro.
  • Major Burrows
  • Iggy
World 8: Cloudtop Park The majority of Cloudtop Park is obviously clouds (and grassy mountaintops). There is many verdant stuff in this world such as beanstalks, giant sunflowers, and trees. There's a small town whose locals are Jibberjays. Despite its innocent, and peaceful look, there's pretty dangerous stuff in this world. As you move through this world, you get pass thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Mario will even get to touch the moon, for a boss fight, from long ago...
  • Lakitu
  • Fuzzy
  • Goonie
  • Parabeetle
  • Foo
  • Giga Lakitu
  • Bowser

Bosses Edit

Boss Name Place Fought Description
Goomboss Mushroom Neighborhood The king of the Goombas is the first boss in Mario's way. He doesn't really do much, always walking around, doing an occasional Goomba summon. The way to defeat him is to climb one of the Bean Pole trees, in the corner of the arena, and jump on his head. In the rematch, Goomboss will stomp, leaving a harmful shockwave
Larry Mushroom Neighborhood Larry will throw poison bombs. If you hit a regular you will lose some health. Big poison bombs kill you instantly.You have to jump on his head 3 times.
Mummipokey Sizzling Savannah The ancient Pokey pharaoh, rules over the desert, by flooding the desert. He is fought under the sands. Mummipokey will be towering over Mario, shooting spiderweb-like balls, that will make Mario stick to the ground. To defeat the pharaoh, Mario must get a Fire Flower, growing from nearby urns, and take him down to size. In the rematch, Pokeys will burrow from underground to assist Mummipokey.
Eyerok Sizzling Savannah The golem entity, which is just a pair of hands that reside over the desert. Eyerok attacks by slamming his fists into the ground, making shockwaves. The way to defeat him, is when he hits the ground, Mario must ground-pound on both of Eyerok's eyes on his hands twice. In the rematch, Hot Feet will light up the room, and if they are defeated, the room will dim, making the battle harder.
Petey Piranha Wild Woods The guardian of the forest will make sure Mario will be eliminated for dinner. Petey will fly around, shooting mud-balls. Petey will also shoot durians, that release throwable rocks. Throw the rocks at Petey, causing him to fall, leaving a harmful shockwave. Jump on his belly button three times to defeat him. In the rematch, some durians will summon Piranha Plants.
Wiggler King Wild Woods Wiggler King resides in a pollution fortress in the deep parts of the forest. He will march around, spitting out seeds, that made sunflowers, that will make Mario get up to the king, due to his height. Wiggler King has a weak spot on one of his segments. It must be hit three times (or six times is hitting another segment), to kill him. In the rematch, he will be faster and angrier. Like Petey Piranha, the Wiggler King rematch will also have him making shockwaves.
Gooper Blooper Shimmer Isle A oversized, and extremely stupid Blooper is terrorizing the Shimmerian beach resort. Gooper Blooper will attack with his tentacles, and fire ink balls, which can blind the player's screen. Similar to Super Mario Sunshine, the way to defeat him is to pull the cork in his mouth, by using Yoshi's tongue to get the cork. In the rematch, the dock will constantly collapse and reappear. If the player falls into the raging waters, Mario will die. The rematch is one of the most difficult battles in the game.
Wendy Shimmer Isle Wendy will throw rings at you. Hit her 3 times to win. At times she will spray lava guns
Baron Brrr Frostbite Floe Baron Brrr resides at the clearing of the pine-tree forest, over a frozen lake, that gives hypothermia. Baron Brr will roll around the battlefield, shooting ice balls that can freeze the player on contact. The way to defeat him is different than in Galaxy. Mario must get a Fire Flower, burning him, causing him to roll over to the edge, Mario then must throw another fireball, to make him fall into the lake. In the rematch, Baron Brr can make the cliff move by slamming into the ground.
Crystal King Frostbite Floe Crystal King oversees operations over the icy terrain in his icy palace atop the high mountain. Crystal King will surround himself with Crystal Bits, to make a shield around him, so he can attack by shooting out icy blue rays that can freeze the player. He can also clone himself. Mario must a Fire Flower to burn down the Crystal Bits, making Crystal King vulnerable. In the rematch, a lone Ty-Foo appears trying to push Mario off the battlefield, making the battle harder.
Bouldergeist Eerie Estate The rock golem monster of Ghostly Galaxy, serves as King Boo's bodyguard, guarding the entrance of the mansion. Bouldergeist will be floating around, slamming his massive fists into the ground, leaving rocky spikes. He can also aim his fists at you. Bouldergeist will spit out explosive Bomb Boos, and fireballs. If a fireball touches a Bomb Boo, it will blow up. Mario must get a Bomb Boo's tongue (similar to SMG), and throw it at Bouldergeist three times. After three times, Bouldergeist will expose his true form, and try to retreat. Mario must throw another Bomb Boo, at his ghost, defeating him. In the rematch, Bouldergeist is more bigger, and will fire homing boulders at the player.
King Boo Eerie Estate The ruler of Eerie Estate resides in a portal at the rooftop of the house, taking Mario to another dimension. King Boo will be fought over a moving battlefield. King Boo fires homing blue fireballs, and uses his tongue to try to eat you (and disgusting). Mario needs to use his Poltergust, to freeze King Boo, and try to suck him into the Poltergust. He has 150 points, for him to be defeated. In the rematch, he has 300 points of health.
Major Burrows Rock-Candy/Stone


Major Burrows is working for the Whomp King, trying to get Star Bunny spies, to his boss. Major Burrows has an attack, similar to one of Kingfin's attacks. Major Burrows will spend the majority of his battle underground, attacking Mario with his spike helmet. Mario must get a Spin Drill to hit Burrows three times to defeat him. In the rematch, three Undergrunt Gunners will be assisting him during the battle.
Whomp King Rock-Candy/Stone Mountains The general of Rock-Candy/Stone Mountains. After making his, "It makes me so mad" speech, Whomp King begins the battle. He chases the player, until he gets close. He will then try to crush the player, leaving a harmful shockwave. If the player gets crushed, the player will lose a life. Mario must ground-pound on his back three times, to defeat him. After each hit, the battle field will constantly crumble. In the rematch, Whimps will also be summoned after he gets crushed.
Giga Lakitu Cloudtop Park The overweight overlord of Cloudtop Park's western side. He'll be floating on his purple cloud, chucking Spiny shells. Mario will need to use Yoshi to eat the Spiny shell, and then he'll need to aim the egg, at Giga Lakitu six times to defeat him. After three hits, he'll start to fire electrical bolts at the player. In the rematch, Lakitu King will make magenta electrical streams, after the third hit.
Wart Cloudtop Park After losing his syndicate of 8-bits, Wart hid in the shadows for a good twenty years, Wart sees Mario going through Cloudtop Park, and he knew that it was time to attack. Wart will be riding on a carpet, burping a flurry of bubbles. Mario will also be flying on a carpet too. Occasionally, Wart will burp up a turnip. Mairo must use the turnip, and throw it at Wart, five times. In the rematch, Wart has some minions, like Shy Guys, Cobrats, and Ninjis riding on carpets, shoot turnips, fire-balls, and throwing stars at Mario.

Warning: Rock-Candy Mountains are named "Rock-Stone Mountains" when playing as Sonic and/or Tails.