Super Mario Bros VII is a new game in the Super Mario Bros series. It has 11 worlds: Grass, Desert, Water, Giant, Ice, Cloud, Jungle, Space, Paint, Dark and Bowser's Land. It uses completely new Music rather than music taken from other Mario series games.


Bowser has kidnapped Peach again. Mario has to rescue her.


Wiggler. Giant Pokey. Cheep Cheep King. Big the Koopa. Ice Dragon. Lakitu King . Jungle Warriors. Space Piranha.. Evil Painter. Shadow. Bowser. ..



There are 6 levels in each world so there are 72 levels in total.


There is also a bonus world where you can fight the koopalings and Wither to retrive a piece of gold metal to recreate the golden mushroom and release the evil spirit and fight to complete the game 100 per cent.

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