Super Mario Bros. DIY is a Super Customization Game that allows you to make Levels, World Maps, Hub Areas, Title Screens, Logos, & more for your very own Mario game. It has More Cousomization options than... pretty much any level editor out there. From a Seaside at Sunset to an Ice Cave to Bowser's Castle to Remakes of games like Super Mario Bros. and SMB: The Lost Levels, if you can think of it, you can Definitely make it. To make a Game There are 4 areas:

Level Editor Edit

The Level Editor is the main area. You Start with a blank level window & a menu of features, & from there you add a background, some music, & start placing what you want in the level. There are 5 menus for your level, including:


This is where you can add Backgrounds & Musics, Make the Level Longer or Taller, Make it go Side-Scrolling, have it to be underwater, etc. Bacically how you should start off.


This is where you add Flooring for your level,& place things like ? Blocks, Brick Blocks, & Warp pipes. Mostly ? and Brick Blocks contain NPC's, but you can also make any random Block or Tile contain an object.

NPC's (Non-Playable Characters)Edit

These are essentially the "etc." area in the menu.Any NPC Can be in Yoshi Eggs, Buried SMB2 style, Set to Not Move, or be Freindly & not hurt you (you can even make them talk!) It includes:


If you want Goombas, Koopas, Pirhana Plants, Hammer Bros., Lakitus, Buzzy Beetles, Spinys, Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, or anything else to hinder Mario's quest through the Mushroom Kingdom, the Enemies Section is the Place to Get them.

Power-Ups / ItemsEdit

Any Power-Up from Any game can be placed in your game, from this menu area. Yoshis are included here.

Veggies and Carryable itemsEdit

All the SMB2 vegtables are back. You can pick them up & Chuck them at enemies. Also include Blue Brick Blocks (From SMB3) and Koopa Shells.


Any Vine or Ladder will appear here. Mario Can Climb on these.


Background Odjects. All we Have To say.


Warp and Door Entrances. Also can be "Instant"


Areas you can swim in. Water itself is in "Scenery"

World Map/Hub AreaEdit

Allow You to Navigate between levels. Hub Has same options a Level Editor except supposed to be used for having mult. doors to navigate areas.

The World Map editor allows you to create world maps. You can add Levels, pathways, Scenery, & tiles (Floor)

Title Screen Creator Edit

First, make a Logo and Name for your game. Then, Create a Single square or Whole Level of space for your Characters to run through with Same options as lvl. Editor.

Then Save, and Congrats; you now have your very own mario game. Share it online and get other's games in return.

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